Rainie Yang sees shadows in pelviography scans

Following a recent spate of female stars having health issues like Evonne Hsu spinal problems, Angela Zhang heart mitral valve prolapse, Vivian Hsu face muscular dystrophy, another female idol singer could join their ranks.


Cute Princess Rainie Yang had gone for a routine check-up recently at a local hospital where her pelviography scans showed some black shadows. She continously consoled herself by saying, “Hope that it’s just stools (faeces).”

While attending the promotion event for her new drama, “Bad Campus Belle” (不良校花), she worriedly revealed that she had gone for a rountine check-up at a hospital and surprisingly, scans from her pelviography showed shadows. She is now waiting for a more detailed medical report and during this period, she has been consoling herself, “That’s the bowel position, hope that it’s just stools.”

Rainie’s new image in the drama is pretty peculiar where she is the boss of an accessories shop and has a “explosive” hairdo. She will also have all sorts of accessories hanging on her from head to toe, akin to a living Christmas tree.

The male lead was actually going to be Mike He but Wilber Pan replaced him later. Rainie revealed that Mike had introduced his younger brother to her but Rainie rejected him saying, “His brother is too obedient and hasn’t dated before.” After hearing this Wilber immediately tried to introduce his brother, “My brother is not only a graduate of Washington University, he is also rebellious by nature and has dated 2 or 3 times before.”

But Rainie stopped him short saying, “I don’t want to fall in love right now!”

6 thoughts on “Rainie Yang sees shadows in pelviography scans

  1. It seems that a lot of female actresses are having health problems lately. Hope she will be fine and that there is nothing to worry about .

    As for her new drama, i’m curious to see her making pair with someone else then mike he.They had an incredible on-screen chemistry and i wonder how it would be to see her act with another male lead.

    Wish her to hear good news soon and to stay as bubbly as always

  2. Hi! What happened to Mike He? He is supposedly Rainie’s leading man in Bad Campus Belle, what went wrong? As for Rainie’s pelviography scans, the shadows are just what Rainie thought they are…..don’t worry…..everything will turn out just fine!!!

    Hope to hear more news…..

  3. yeh nothing biggy
    everything will be okay!!
    she’s always going to be cute clumsy and bubbly!!
    as always!

    her and mike should do the movie together they are so cute..
    but im confused on that.. i dont get it! ♥

  4. . . . ni hao rainie nd 2 ol d people who support rainie. . .how sad naman,hndi c mike ang leading man ni rainie sa d bad campus belle. . .pro k na lng din kc sure naman na mag hihit yun. . .we luv rainie so much. . .gudhealth nd more blessings 2 cum. . .wo ai ni. . .

  5. really? ahh. that would be awesome if Mike and Rainie acted together again.. i can never get tired of those 2 ^_^
    lol what Wilber said was hilarious! ^o^

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