Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Sung Eun dating?

All-round entertainer Shin Jung Hwan is rumoured to be dating his co-host and actress Kim Sung Eun after being spotted with her together off-screen.


Both of them have been a perfect foil for each other on KBS 2TV Happy Sunday offering, “Immortal Music Classics” showing tremendous rapport. Since the program shifted outside of the studio for recording, they were spotted being very close with each other which led to this rumour surfacing.

When Kim Sung Eun was buying her household items, Shin Jung Hwan tagged along with her, enjoying a shopping trip together. They also attended their entertainment colleagues gatherings together which led to them being suspected of being in a dating relationship.

Some of their tv station colleagues remarked, “Even their close friends (entertainment world) and their managers are suspecting that they are really dating each other, they are now looking at them closely.”

Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Sung Eun admitted that they have been seeing each other often in private but both denied that they were dating.

Shin Jung Hwan told reporters through the phone, “This is definitely not worth fussing over. If you consider eating together after recording as a scandal, does it mean we can’t even eat at all?” Kim Sun Eun meanwhile denied the rumours saying, “Our relations are purely senior-junior relationship, nothing more.”

There have been a trend lately seeing entertainers turning from colleagues to lovers. The latest was So Yoo Jin and Rhymer who have admitted recently that they were dating which became a hot topic. Hyun Young and Kim Jong Min is another example of this. All the best to them if it’s true!!! Go, Uncle Shin!!!

7 thoughts on “Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Sung Eun dating?

  1. Our dear chicken is in love.
    Good for him. It was about time.
    They look good together. Park Myung Soo, HaHa, Mc Yoo ,Kim Jong Min, Cha Tae Hyun all have gotten a girlfriend or gotten married lately. It was time for Miss Shin to do the same and not be left behind

  2. When I did watch their show I noticed that she was looking at him with loving eyes. Good luck to the couple.

  3. I love Mizz Shin, I know he is a good guy&make everyone happy, So i want to know him morethan by Web, If u have his address,

    Pls give me ^_^

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