Reality Show “We Got Married” Gaining Popularity

Scene A (Andy, Solbi):
“I have to sleep on a princess bed!”
“I will make it for you, so you cook.”

Scene B (Alex, Shin Ae):
“You don’t seem to like meeting your friends for gatherings?”
“Last time often did it. But stopped since my I got hurt (relationship)….”
“Oh I see, I kind of understand.”

Conversation between newly-wed couples or first time interaction between new couples? Which is which? Both are actually correct. These are lines from a brand new new reality show called “We Got Married” showing on MBC Sunday Sunday Night and hosted by Lee Hwi Jae, Kim Won Hee, and Lee Hyuk Jae.

What is it about then? It sees celebrities play a make-believe couple and doing things that newly-wed couples does, living under one roof, etc. The first episode kicked off last week with the couples of Solbi and Andy, Shin Ae and Alex, Crown J and Seo In Young,  Jung Hyung Don and Saori becoming “newly-wed couples”.


Even though this ain’t real, the four couples did really move their own luggage to their new “love nest” and started decorating like it was the real thing. From start till end, their witty dialogues tickled the viewers silly. Even though most of them aren’t even married and most aren’t close with each other, their humourous way of mirroring reality has won the acknowledgement of viewers.

Solbi and Andy
With her husband working hard outside, his wife cooks instant noodles for him as lunch which leaves him feeling grieved. But very soon, the both of them are tucking into Bibimbap like a newly-wed couple.


Crown J and Seo In Young
They start squabbling with each other over the number of shoe boxes. Crown J immediately softens his stance after In Young prepares a bathing robe for him.

Jung Hyung Don and Saori
His wife gets up early in the morning to cook him seaweed soup for his birthday. But her husband passes her an instant seaweed packet saying, “Just pour hot water will do. Why do you want to trouble yourself?” This is actually a small squabble and it’s no different from what newly-weds does.


Shin Ae and Alex
Unlike the above three couples, this couple is full of love for each other and gradually on the right track. It reminds one of people who gets married immediately after a blind date. Alex in the program shows how gracious he is in accomodating his wife’s past hurt from rumours.

Although it’s a scripted reality show, but if you are single and want to see how cohabitation is like, you can give this a shot. You can see how a guy and girl from different families live and accomodate each other in a reality setting.

13 thoughts on “Reality Show “We Got Married” Gaining Popularity

  1. I love this show lol… I especially like Crown j and In Young’s part.. I wonder if she really kissed him on the cheek on the first episode..

  2. I really enjoyed watching this show. I only had a chance to watch Andy and Solbi. Do you know if anyone is subbing it? or translating it?

  3. No one is subbing this yet. not even chinese-subbers. Hoping they will after they watch this since it’s pretty new!

  4. i watched a part of andy/solbi and thought it was pretty cool/funny. i’m also hoping some subbing will happen 🙂

  5. just wanted to ask… who is alex? i think i saw him on vitamin before.. he’s some sort of celebrity chef??

  6. are they really got married in this show? i mean like really married in real life?????????

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