Lee Dong Gun’s brother loses his life in Sydney!!!

It was revealed that Korean actor Lee Dong Gun’s young brother was killed in the early morning hours of 20th March in Sydney, Australia. Lee Dong Gun and his parents have since flown to Australia to identify and claim his body.

Lee Dong Gun with his mother and younger brother in 2005

It was understood that Lee Dong Gun was at MBC television station on that night to discuss his new drama, “Every Day Every Night” when the tragic news broke. According to the Korean media, while he was confirming the news with friends on the plane, he broke down several times unable to believe the truth.

Lee Dong Gun was extremely close to his younger brother and was very proud of him. He doted on him a lot and everytime he returns to Korea on vacation, he would spend most of his time together with him.

According to the Australian media, Lee Dong Gun’s brother was with a friend at a local shopping complex when they were stabbed by two 18 year old Chinese students who thought they were staring at them. Both were sent to the hospital immediately after the fatal stabbings but Lee’s brother died upon arrival and could not be saved. His friend is now in critical condition.

Two 18 year old Chinese students were arrested near Redfern train station a hour later after escaping in a taxi following their crime thanks to swift police action. They are now being held by the local police pending investigations.

CCTV footage of the incident was released almost immediately in the news report which shocked the local Korean community in Sydney.

At one point, Lee Dong Gun could not be contacted by his company upon reaching Sydney. It was later before Lee confirmed that he was at the police station doing the paperwork and is scheduled to return to Korea on 26th March. His brother funeral will be held shortly in Korea later on.

Lee Dong Gun who was casted as the male lead for MBC “Every Day Every Night” drama with Kim Sun Ah might exit the drama following this tragedy. A MBC spokesperson said, “The casting has been decided but we feel that the most important thing right now is for Lee Dong Gun to sort his feelings.” He added, “The latest we can start filming is end April or early May, we will wait for his decision before deciding if we need to chose a new male lead.”

It’s a tragic 2008 thus far for Lee Dong Gun having announcing his break-up with his girlfriend Han Ji Hye not too long ago and being expelled from school. Lee Dong Gun is apparently very close to his brother and this must be a very painful period for him. May his brother rest in peace and bring great sense of hope and peace to the family as well. Be strong!

27 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun’s brother loses his life in Sydney!!!

  1. condolences to the family…
    what in the world is wrong with them anyway???
    were they jealous of him being good looking???
    hhmmnn… damn racist!

  2. oh man its really uhh unfortunate that the last seconds of his brother’s death is recorded and broadcasted.
    i mean, its hard for me to watch it.
    condolence. RIP

  3. How sad for Lee Dong Gun and his family…He’s had a tough start on the year already and now this. How tragic…

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  5. Your article made me pretty sad, actually… T_T

    this is the loss of a young and bright life, or a very silly reason. I hope his killer will rott in jail forever…

    Lee Dong Gun fighting! i hope he will be okay… he is so talented… T_T

  6. A couple of clarifications.

    Firstly, the accused are Chinese-Australian.

    Secondly, the video is of the wounded friend, not the deceased teen.

  7. i feel great pity in lee dong guns brother’s loss, and condolences to the family.

    However out of curiousity would you have acted this way if it wasnt a famous celebrity’s brother? i don’t think so! sure his death is a loss you don’t have to go on bragging about

    szai: “were they jealous of him being good looking???
    hhmmnn… damn racist!”

    for one how can they be racist if both the victim and accused were asian.

    for two, so you’re only caring about the loss of lee dong guns brother jst because you think his good looking?

    you are so shallow, you should feel great loss for his family instead of sitting there thinkn how cute lee dong gun’s brother really is? your shallow and self centred. take another look at urself in the mirror

  8. So Sorry to hear about Lee Dong Gun’s Loss.My condolences goes to Lee Dong Gun and his Family.I will be praying for all of you……..

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  10. I have never been so shocked by needless street violence-
    Daniel lived in my house for a year and proved to be a peace-loving, decent boy! I’m sad to the core!

  11. actually ldg brother and his frenz shld have juz keep quiet and walked away when the two guys scold them for glancing at them. argue with them will only make matter worse.

  12. 19 years old is a very young age . it is really a tragic to die so young . im not sure abt this matter , i think nowadays maybe its better not to go out too late at nite.

  13. be strong. your young brother is in peace . just donot forget your happy times with him.my condolences goes to lee dong gun and his family

  14. I fail to see the racism in the actual incident,
    but it’s sad to find this young boy’s death used as an excuse for racist comments
    ppl like John M–it becomes unclear whether he felt more for the family in grief or to promote ethnic hate

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