What does On Air mean to them?

The main cast of SBS Wed-Thus drama “On Air” gave their unique thoughts on this special drama which caught the attention of the general public recently.


Song Yoon Ah who plays famous writer, Young Eun described the drama, “The drama has all the elements of joy, anger, sad and happiness thus it can on one hand satisfy the viewers demands and also successfully fulfil our acting skills.

Park Yong Ha who plays producer Lee Kyung Min said, “Drama is like a blank sheet of paper. You can draw anything on the paper. Drama is the same thing as we can place many characters and storylines into it.

Kim Ha Neul who plays a top star said, “This is a drama of hope for everyone. They see the sadness, pain, dreams, joy in the drama which sets them thinking about their own future and thus eventually having their own dreams.

Lee Bum Soo who is a manager said, “Drama is like the Olympics. It is full of hard work, tenseness, passion, joy, setbacks, hope just like the Olympics.”

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