Jeon Ji Hyun gets her own jeans series

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun will soon have a jeans series named after her.

Gianna by True Religion

More pictures here of Jeon Ji Hyun modeling the jeans

It was revealed on 20th March that Jeon Ji Hyun will partner with famous jeans label, “True Religion Brand Jeans” to release “Gianna by True Religion” series.

“Gianna by True Religion” is named after Jeon Ji Hyun’s english name, Gianna and a total of 12 different cuts suitable for Korean women will be released. She will be involved in designing the jeans with additions like accessories, etc.

This is an event that is getting much attention as “True Religion Jeans” has chosen the “Most Suitable Female Star to wear Jeans in Asia”, Jeon Ji Hyun as their model and because it’s their first celebrity series by the jeans label.

“True Religion Jeans” has also taken into consideration Jeon Ji Hyun’s popularity and image in the Chinese-speaking market for other products and is preparing to launch “Gianna by True Religion” in China starting 2009.

“Gianna by True Religion” goes on sale today and will be available exclusively on SK Telcoms “11th Street“. It’s expected to gain lots of attention and popularity.

True Religion Brand Jeans is an American premium clothing line and is currently available in America, Canada, Australia, Europe and 50 other countries. It is highly favoured by actresses Gyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and supermodel Heidi Klum plus many other Hollywood stars.

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