How will Hong Gil Dong end?

“Hong Gil Dong” is nearing the end of its run and viewers have been actively posting on the official site bulletin board recently to express their ideal ending.

Hong Gil Dong

Viewers are most concerned over who will Yi Nok (Sung Yuri) choose between Gil Dong (Kang Ji Hwan) and Chang Hwui (Jang Geun Suk) at the end. One side supports “GilNok” romance and hopes that Yi Nok can’t forget Gil Dong, doesn’t care about Chang Hwui love for her and choosing Gil Dong at the end.

The other side however supports “HwuiNok” romance and supports her leaving Gil Dong and accepting Chang Hwui’s love and becoming his Queen.

According to Olive 9 production, “No one knows how the drama will end. But the most important task at hand is to bring joy and tears to viewers in the remaining three episodes. We want to make the viewers feel moved by the scenes and let the viewers remember this drama in their hearts forever.

Episode 21 of “Hong Gil Dong” talks about how Chang Hwui isn’t the legitimate king afterall which represents a big storyline twist. There were rumours that “Hong Gil Dong” might have an extension but Olive 9 has denied the reports and said that the drama will end on schedule at 24 episodes.

5 thoughts on “How will Hong Gil Dong end?

  1. This drama is giving me a heart attack!

    I really do hope that Yi Nok gets with Chang Hui, but I doubt it, especially since the beginning scene of episode one shows Yi Nok with Hong Gil Dong’s group.

  2. omg!!!!!!!! chang hui isnt the real king thing thing? 😡 OMG. AFTER ALL HE’S BEEN THROUGH. AHAHA.

  3. The biggest twist that i didnt think about was the chang hui king thingy… wow! its getting so intense and interesting… cant wait for the other episodes..

  4. The first part of the first episode doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in the story line….especially with the way it ends. Finish the drama and get back to me on this one. Anyone agree with this? The full drama can be found on

  5. I think the first part was there for an alternate ending ie. they didnt die. All their hairstyles are diff esp Yi Nok and Gil Dong. Bom has learnt how to laugh! Only the gang village is destroyed…

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