Haha and Kim Jong Min serves their national service

Since completing their basic military training, entertainers Haha and Kim Jong Min has been assigned to desk jobs because of their medical problems. Haha (real name: Ha Dong Hoon) was assigned to work in a local court at Seoul’s Seocho-dong neighbourhood in the controller department on 10th March.

According to a court representative yesterday, “Haha is a famous entertainer, so in order not to affect his colleagues, we have assigned him to a department where he will have minimal contact with the “outside world.” It’s understood that Haha’s primary job scope is to sort out mails/parcels to the courts.


Since December last year, entertainer Kim Jong Min had been working at the Seoul High Court as a controller. But since a fortnight ago, he has switched to becoming a Court Guard. Because of the same medical reasons with Haha, they were assigned to the controller department initially. But because of the need to rotate positions, Kim Jong Min has together with his previous colleagues changed to becoming Court Guards now.

His colleagues remarked, “During trials, many in attendance managed to recognise Kim Jong Min who was dressed in black uniform and managed to shake his hand and get his autograph.”

On 14th March, the two same-aged singers (1979) returned to their workplace after lunching together and was immediately surrounded by their colleagues working at the courts, they said excitedly, “Wow! It’s Haha” “He is with Kim Jong Min”, and took pictures of them with their mobiles.

4 thoughts on “Haha and Kim Jong Min serves their national service

  1. regardless of how much i like these two (and i really do), i know that their “medical reasons’ are just excuses. it’s so obvious.

    then again, most celebrities do it so why not they….

  2. lol, what “medical reasons” allows them to do heavy dance performances but not basic combat training. ahh, must be great being a celebrity!

  3. in kim jong min’s defence, he does medical problem, i remember one episode of heroine were he had to sit through most of the program because of back problem.

  4. well, they probably require every male to take a physical test to check their health…so maybe they really do have a medical problems.

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