Gillian Chung visits White Dragon King in Thailand

Thailand’s White Dragon King (白龙王) is an extremely popular divine figure in the Hong Kong entertainment industry and even East Asia Music Boss, Peter Lam and Albert Yeung of Emperor Entertainment Group have make it a habit of visiting him often for “advice”. Another well-known star is Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

After Edison’s scandal broke out, Peter Lam had actually flew out to Thailand on the same day of his press conference to seek a remedy to the problem.


On 9th March, Albert Yeung was discovered visiting White Dragon Temple together with Ah Gill (Gillian Chung) to seek a solution to their problem.

In contrast to others who came to seek his help, Gillian had about 5cm of her hair snipped off by White Dragon King while paying her respects to him who then proceeded to store it in a small transparent bag. He then started chanting towards it apparently trying to dispel the “misfortune” befalling it’s owner.


But he took a rest midway through the chanting possibly realising that it was futile and said to Albert Yeung, “You (Albert) will be fine, but your employee (Gillian) will not be.” Albert Yeung appeared helpless at his words.

6 thoughts on “Gillian Chung visits White Dragon King in Thailand

  1. the article is wrong its Ah Gill not Ah Sa. what a waste of time to have gone there. do they really believe in that?! gosh

  2. either way, i dont think any God can make the entire world forget what gil said or did. hahha. she brought it on herself. maybe she should try finding a leprecaun.

  3. Please to contract me back and i want to know a telephone number for call and ask the way to go by mysealf. Thank you.

  4. I have been to the White Dragon Temple in Chonburi for many years now to pay respect to the Master, and realized that there has been an increase interest in him from people all over the world. I have also noticed that there are several travel agencies and profit-seeking people out there that are USING the Master as part of their attraction to gain more sales.
    For all you people out there who truly wants to meet the Master, please do not fall for those false advertisements and travel packages. The temple ISN’T a profit-seeking organization; you DO NOT have to pay for breakfast at the temple or get the queue number. Everyone is welcome to visit the temple to pay respect to the gods and goddesses, and meet the Master.
    For all those travel agencies and profit-seeking individuals that are trying to exploit the temple, SHAME ON YOU because whatever you’re doing it’s just EXTREMELY DISGRACEFUL and SINFUL.
    Don’t believe what they try to sell you:

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