Edison in Hong Kong? In America? Does it matter?

East Asia Music has been claiming that Edison Chen is in America now after leaving Hong Kong secretly last month. But according to a latest Hong Kong gossip magazine, he is now actually still in Hong Kong staying at Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. They even have a photo as evidence but with it being extremely poor and low resolution, it’s hard to tell whether it’s Edison at all.


Verification was sought with Ms Leong from East Asia Music but she firmly insisted, “He’s in America!”

According to the magazine, Edison did leave Hong Kong last month and was in Bangkok. But instead of going to America, he took another flight back to Hong Kong instead. Upon arrival, he headed straight for Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel instead of his own apartment and has been there ever since. He is actually settling his personal matters and preparing for his school term in America, waiting for the term to start before flying there.


The magazine revealed that Edison who is a habitual smoker has been seen in his 9th floor room puffing away and special arrangement has been made with the hotel to use the special entrance if needed.

An eye witness said to the magazine on 9th March that she had seen him near the hotel, “Around 5pm, I saw him wearing a t-shirt, jeans and beanie and made his way to Cyberport’s The Arcade from the hotel. He did not have any bodyguards with him but was with a 20 year old foreign lady.

“I saw with my own eyes that Edison was with a quite good looking westerner. She was holding documents and it seems like they were talking business. They were laughing and Edison appeared to be relaxed. But when he noticed that someone was looking at him, he immediately looked down and walked away quickly.”

The case has died down and the magazine is just trying to pull a fast one. That photo might not be a recent one anyway.

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