Viewers not buying into Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

Kim Jung Eun new talkshow variety, “Kim Jung Eun Chocolate” could be heading for a pre-mature end after posting less than ideal ratings for its second episode.


“Kim Jung Eun Chocolate” had posted an unusual high rating for its debut episode which was rare considering it was a music program shown at late nights. But its follow-up episode has seen its ratings being halved.

According to TNS Media, the ratings for “Kim Jung Eun Chocolate” yesterday obtained a rating of just 2.4%, a sharp contrast with its opening rating of 4.6%.

The program created lots of hype at the start because of host Kim Jung Eun and her current boyfriend, Lee Seo Jin who was on the first episode as a guest. Despite yesterday episode inviting high popularity star, T.O.P (Big Bang) and comeback singer, Gummy, it was unable to post a respectable rating.

13 thoughts on “Viewers not buying into Kim Jung Eun Chocolate

  1. that is too sweeping. how’d they do that when it’s only the 2nd episode of chocolate. it’s dreadful and so blatant. whoever is the source of this news should be careful in his statement.

  2. The seond episode should not be made a gauge. The show is just starting. Please give it a chance. We have confidence in Kim Jung Eun – she is a determined person. We should be encouraging and not negative.

  3. so are people expecting KJE Chocolate to be rating more than 4% when the show is being aired at 12:35 in the wee hour of the night? this show is already setting a record. aside from a very late airing time(almost the whole of Korea is asleep), the show is aired on a Tuesday(on a weekday, where people need to retire to face the following workday).
    2.4% is already high for a very, very, late show. so far KJE is doing a great job.

  4. and the funny thing is this news didn’t use correct info. TNS rating on the pilot of the CHOCOLATE was 4% while AGB rating was 4.6%. on the 2nd episode the TNS rating was 2.4% and the AGB rating was 3.9%….so i think the owner of this blog should also make her facts straight.

  5. Of course, not many people are going to be awake around that time 12:35 in the morning you guys give her some break. Even though its late still doing pretty good in rating.

  6. lets just support KJE besides she’s just doing her job… besides by doing that show for her its a dream come true… so lets just support her… and just be happy for her because she’s happy doing her job…. GODBLESS KJE & MORE POWER….

  7. give her a break guys! kje is doing a very great job! to have 2.4 rating is already big considering it’s aired late and on a weekday.. let’s not put conclusions yet since the shjow has just started,.. give it some more time.. we’ll never know.. she charms the audience well.. let’s support her and not pull her down

  8. It’s great show as I see in youtube there we’re many people awaiting aside from the show although at first they make a started show but the thing is at this time the ratings is quitly higher at this present…

    take a good job kje we are here to support you ….

  9. Yaaa…. people are enjoyed to watch the show I could see the reactions of their faces they got madly inlove while kje talks it would dying that make of the audience really happy the shows…

    good luck!!! always believing we’re many people loves you coz you’re so natural woman, funny, sophisticated, romantic and lovable down to earth….


  10. kje ur the best all ur drama
    from lovers in paris,princess lulu to lovers.
    indeed ur alwaysbe the korea’s sweetheart………..

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