Shinhwa becomes Mexican mobsters and engages in gun battle for new MV

Shinhwa who is embracing their 10th anniversary was busy filming for their MV for their upcoming 9th album this afternoon in the rural areas of Gyeonggi-do.


The MV storyline talks about JunJin, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hye Sung engaging in a gun battle with a rival gang who have captured Eric. Shinhwa members sported a distinct change from their previous cool image and sees them decked out in outfits straight from a Wild Wild West movie.

After finishing their MV filming over the past two days, Shinhwa members will focus their energies towards their “SHINHWA 10th Anniversary live in Seoul” concerts on 29th, 30th March at the Seoul Olympic Park.

9 thoughts on “Shinhwa becomes Mexican mobsters and engages in gun battle for new MV

  1. these pics are allright….
    but wait till you see the pictures of the mv making…. (rather shocking, may I say)
    it’s quite a big change of concept, from shinhwa’s usual, handsome image.
    I’m a big fan of theirs…. but this concept is a little too much *_*

  2. Wow, seriously? THIS is the image they want for their comeback MV, not to mention their 10th Anniversary?

    Uh.. what?!

  3. Oh wow… I didn’t Shinhwa’s new look would be this.
    I like it. Very slick and Hott. lmao So Handsome. :]

  4. junjin really look like aboji…they are true son and father. It just like seeing junjin’s aboji in the past, I guess…I like it though…I love junjin however he is.

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