Isabelle Leung tells us nothing much in press statement

Isabelle Leung has been in the headlines recently for falling in love with Richard Li Tzar Kai, having her EEG contract bought out by him for 1 million, etc. Since news of that broke, Isabelle has been avoiding the media and keeping a low profile. She finally broke her silence late last night with a press statement in Chinese but made no mention of her links with Richard Li.

She stressed that NOT everything that Emperor Entertainment Group said over the past weeks was true and they never verifed it with her beforehand. “I hope that everyone will understand that this is a matter between me and EEG. I want to solve this amicably and have no wish to involve the media or anyone else.”


The “house” issue
“The media has falsely reported my accomodation. I do not stay in a building that I owned. I am only living in a unit in the building for the past 2 years. I moved out in July last year and am not living there anymore.” She didn’t clarify clearly and didn’t say anything more regarding other falsified reports.

Not leaving entertainment industry
Isabelle also hinted that she has no wish of exiting the entertainment industry, “I treasure my entertainment career….I sincerely hope that everyone will not see me differently after seeing all those falsified reports. In this confusing and difficult times, I hope to continue having your support and encouragement.”

EEG rebuked her statement, “What EEG has said over the past weeks are the truth, we are not responding to other matters.”

EEG had strongly denied reports made by Apple Daily newspaper on 12th March saying that Isabelle was rejected five times by EEG and not allowing her to visit her grandpa in Macau. They also said that she didn’t have a fixed holiday for the past eight years. EEG clarified that they have always been maintaining a good relationship with Isabelle and have never stopped her from visiting her grandpa in Macau. She also enjoyed her entitlement to holidays.

Who is right and who is wrong? The saga continues I guess.

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