Ariel Lin Yi Cheng latest female star diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse

Ariel Lin Yi Cheng (林依晨) in view of what has happened lately, also went for a full body check-up recently at a local hospital in Taiwan. And surprisingly, her diagnosis report also showed that she had heart mitral prolapse, the same ailment as singer, Angela Zhang Shaohan.


Ariel had went to the hospital on 12th March for a check-up and results released recently showed that she also had heart mitral valve prolapse. But unlike Angela, her condition is not as serious and doesn’t require an operation. Ariel said yesterday, “The doctors said I have a valve that’s slightly long, and if serious, I might have chest pains and feel breathless.”

“I was pretty worried at first but the doctor explanation was very detailed and said that many females have this ailment nowadays. The ailment will cause blood to backflow but my condition is only very slight and I do not have any symptoms of chest pains, breathing difficulties, etc now thankfully.”

One of the doctors at a Taiwanese hospital said that heart mitral valve prolapse is a common heart ailment and is especially prevalent among females who are young and have petite body figures. It’s understood that 20% of females above the ages of 20 have this ailment. Most do not require treatment however and keeping a healthy lifestyle will help to improve the condition.

11 thoughts on “Ariel Lin Yi Cheng latest female star diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse

  1. I have had a mitral valve prolasp since I was very young. Doctors have said it came from having rumatic fever then scarlet fever almost together. They say they can hear a tick in the heart.

    I do often times get short of breath. I also have problems with my ankles swelling only on the outter sides. However I am now 57 years old, and have been basically okay.

    If you have this, contact your doctor. They will tell you if your valve is dangerous.

    I am proof one can live with this for a very long time.

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