Tiffany becomes a pirate captain!

Tiffany from Korean girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been chosen by SK Telecom as their new “1682 Collect Call” Model.


According to someone from SK Telecom, “So Nyeo Shi Dae outgoing charisma has seen them become one of the most popular groups in recent times, especially Tiffany who has gained immense popularity among soldiers. So we decided to use her as our model for this CF. We have designed images of a cheerleader, pirate captain, ballerina, sleepyhead, etc for her, changing her image of a cute young girl into a beautiful woman.


Tiffany herself expressed, “I was very nervous taking on this CF by myself, but it’s very interesting to try on so many different costumes.” “Hope that these photos will receive a good response among soldiers and youngsters. I will continue to be active as a So Nyeo Shi Dae member in future and hope to bring more great performances to everyone next time.”

4 thoughts on “Tiffany becomes a pirate captain!

  1. Wow, i didn’t know she’s popular amongst soldiers!
    She’s pretty, and has a very pleasant smile 🙂

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