Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri in same elementary school; Kim Ju Hee classmates with Jang Nara

News of singer/actress Jang Nara being classmates with announcer, Kim Ju Hee became a hot topic yesterday. This time though, netizens have managed to find out that actor Jo In Sung and actress Sung Yuri was from the same elementary school and got as much attention from fans.


Jo In Sung and Sung Yuri are 81 babies and graduated from Go Myung Elementary School. Since their photos were posted, many left remarks, “This is amazing” “That school must be blessed since both of them are so popular now”.

Netizens had revealed yesterday through photos that announcer Kim Ju Hee and Jang Nara was from the same high school and was classmates once.


Both of them looked very much the same now as they were in the past as students. Netizens remarked, “This is a shock, can’t believe they were born in the same year (1981)”, “Both of them are so pretty even now”.

3 thoughts on “Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri in same elementary school; Kim Ju Hee classmates with Jang Nara

  1. lol oh those netizens..

    jo in sung and sung yuri are cool…i like them 🙂

    and the only reason i know kim ju hee is because of miraculous victory and defeat! she’s like the second yoon eun hye….all that power! haha

  2. totally agree wiv akon…i love kim ju hee bcoz of the miraculous victory and defeat and now i know why i love her…it’s just like what you said…she reminds me of my fav yoon eun hye thanks to you!!

  3. Jo In Sung and Jang Nara are easily recognizable but Sung Yuri looks different. Anyway, I am really happy for them. They have all become big stars.

    Btw, what’s the “miraculous victory and defeat of Kim Ju Hee” all about?

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