Olive9 Entertainment claims that Choi Ji Woo “flushed” face photo was doctored!

Olive9 Entertainment claims that it’s Hallyu Star, Choi Ji Woo was “framed” by malicious reporting from the Chinese media and said that “unslightly” photos of the earlier was doctored and fabricated to make her look bad.


Olive9 released evidence in a press statement of two photos placed side-by-side. The doctored photo (left) was compared to the one released by CCTV website (right). Olive9 suggested that the Chinese media did something to the original photo in order to create “malicious” news to hurt Choi Ji Woo’s image.

Olive9 claimed in their press statement, “Many stars graced this event (launch of LV store in Hong Kong) and as she (Choi Ji Woo) was greeting Chow Yun Fatt and shaking his hand, he suddenly came from behind and hugged her. That’s why you saw her shocked reaction on her face when he did that. In the photo on CCTV website, there wasn’t any “flushed” face effect at all when Chow Yun Fatt hugged her as she displayed a victory sign.”

Choi Ji Woo was one of those invited to attend the opening of the Louis Vitton flagship store in Hong Kong on 14th March. But thanks to “malicious” reporting from the Chinese media, Choi Ji Woo was described as a “drunken kitten” thanks to the “doctored” photos which made headlines and caused a furore.

But another report suggests that that might not be the truth. These were other photos taken of Choi Ji Woo as she left the event hurriedly at around 12am.

崔智友醉酒失控与发哥熊抱 ��间被人拖走(图)

崔智友醉酒失控与发哥熊抱 ��间被人拖走(图)

崔智友醉酒失控与发哥熊抱 ��间被人拖走(图)

崔智友醉酒失控与发哥熊抱 ��间被人拖走(图)

Now what do you think? Was she drunk or a case of being made to look bad?

16 thoughts on “Olive9 Entertainment claims that Choi Ji Woo “flushed” face photo was doctored!

  1. I believe in Olive9Entertainment response about the fabricated photo. My question is why Chow Yun Fat hugged a woman who is not his wife?? Regarding the latter photos of Choi Ji Woo and two other girls didn’t really mean that she was drunk. When I was laughing so hard, I could look like a drunken person too! It’s a party..people drink at a party..so what if she had a little drink? I don’t drink so when I do drink, I get flushed easily but that doesn’t mean that I am drunk. So, my two cents is that don’t believe every picture shown by the media. Pictures can be fabricated and only tell parts of the story.

  2. I am sure she wasn’t the only one drunk at the party (if she was) but why was she the only one judged by the media? give her a break!

  3. Who cares!? If Chow Yun Fat surprisingly hugged me from behind, I would turn bright red as well … and it wouldn’t be because I was drunk.

  4. if this is proven fabricated i think the korean will be mad
    since the fly to the sky incident they have grown hatred toward chinese media

    but actually the pic that Olive9 claim to be real is kinda weird,
    the color of choi ji woo’s isnt natural,
    yeah i know she’s fair-skinned and all that stuff,
    but just not that white

  5. This isn’t the first time that a Hong Kong Mag made stuff up just for the news.

    To be honest I forgot about Olive9Entertainment till this came up.

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  7. Angie that picture was not taken by Olive 9, it was CCTV (I saw that, too, in another website). She was not flushed red on that picture I saw. It’s easy to doctor pictures nowadays. Computer does anything now which might be impossible before.

    I’m pretty sure everybody was drinking in that party, but why on earth they picked on her? Was it because she was hugged by Chow Yun Fat? Who cares, it’s only a friendly hug. Celebrities do that everywhere in the world.

  8. P. S. Angie, Ji Woo is really white, white, that’s why she was chosen to be the spokesmodel of Christian Dior’s Pure Snow skin product. She was one of those gifted person with flawless, alabaster white skin, with or without make-up. Lucky lady.

  9. choi ji woo is beautiful.

    chow yun fat better get his arms off her that old piece of shiet.

    choi ji woo’s older brothers would kill that foo.
    acutally, korean fans would kill him

  10. You’re right Chris. Why on earth did he hugged her from the back. His wife was in that party. Maybe, this was the reason why the media picked on Ji Woo. Shame, a great shame on the HK media. It’s really unfair for them to single out Ji Woo ssi.

  11. Well, in a way I can’t blame Fat Chow for what he did. She was probably simply the best looking woman in the room and he just couldn’t help himself from taking a rare opportunity to put his greasy arms around her. I doubt his wife would’ve been very understanding tho…

  12. its no big deal. give her a break! she’s just enjoying the night … drunk or not, it doesnt matter. i still like her

  13. No malicious scandal about Ji Woo can change my complete admiration of her because she’s beautiful outside & inside, a real down to earth lady. She’s also a great actress. Ji Woo don’t let anybody ruin your joy. God bless you always.

  14. The girl was drunk , and Chow Yun Fat is one of the greatest actors of all time. Some koreans just dont have any manners to diss such a great actor.

  15. Who gives a damn if he hugged a woman who isn’t his wife? In America, you hug EVERYONE that you’re friends with. And in the photo with her cheeks all flushed, Chow Yun Fat’s face looks like he turned into a robot! Everyone can tell the real photo. And who cares if she got a little tipsy. Its not like she stripped naked and humped a zebra, okay?!

  16. Alright, Choi Ji Woo…haha its great she has a lot of fans to stick up by her………who cares if she gets drunk..i mean seriously shes over 21!!!!!
    Anyways just cuz she drink it doesnt effect her acting…she’ll sooner or later sober up!

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