Leon Lai and Gaile Lok married (or not!)?

The news that dominated the weekend headlines was that Hong Kong pop king Leon Lai had gotten married to Gaile Lok on the Maldives Island last Friday.


Only a few close friends were invited to the ceremony as a friend attending the ceremony revealed that the couple chose the Maldives as their wedding place after being impressed by the romantic local scenery during a trip there last year.

Leon through his friends admitted tying the know. But companies representing Leon and Gaile have denied this took place and said that they were only there for a vacation. One reporter tried to call Gaile to verify this but was diverted to her voicemail. But the reporter continued to contact her through sms and managed to get a reply from her in english: “No such thing. Am on vacation.. Will be in taiwan next week for work.. Sort things out. But thanks anyway“.

Leon (42) and Gaile (27) first met years ago after the pop king invited the fashion model to shoot a promo for his Website, LeonStarEast.com. But the Romeo and Juliet couple waited several years to fall in love, being brought together again by their common interest in red wine.

His well-known ex-girlfriends like Michelle Reis and Shu Qi when asked about them, sent their best wishes if this was really true.

Regardless, I am not sure what’s the big fuss. They were known to be together and tying the knot was the next thing on their minds probably. Congratulations.

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