Lee Hyo Ri aims thinly-veiled jabs at Kim Tae Hee, Jeon Ji Hyun & Jessica Alba

“Sexy Queen” Lee Hyo Ri has once again dominated the newspaper headlines with another noteworthy quote over the past weekend.

In the fourth episode of MNet reality show, “Off the Record Hyo Ri” on 15th March, she said something shocking which stunned viewers.

Hyo Ri got a day’s vacation from her CF shoot in Thailand recently. Together with her stylist, they enjoyed a day of fun and shopping together. As Hyo Ri was biting (big mouthful) into her hamburger, she asked, “When you work with female artistes, will they eat like this?”

Her stylist hesistated before answering, “Kim Tae Hee is famous for eating a lot.” Hyo Ri replied back enviously, “So she doesn’t get fat no matter how much she eats.” Then she followed up, “How about Jeon Ji Hyun?”

Her words indicates that she regards Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Tae Hee as her rivals.

She continued, “(They) don’t even drink cola? Hamburgers too?”, as she grumbled that everyone has to restrict what they eat to maintain their body shape as she added, “Why does food that is bad for the body so tasty while food that are good for the body tastes awful?”, as she kept up her record of saying something shocking each week on the program.

In last week program, when the producer asked, “You seem to have a boyfriend?” Hyo Ri gave a speculative reply, “Even if I have a boyfriend, it’s considered invasion of privacy (at the cameras) isn’t it?” And thus, for that week, “Hyo Ri’s boyfriend” became the highlight topic for the week. Then in the previous previous week, she said, “Don’t have much friends around me”, “Hate this kind of style”, “Not superstar Hyo Ri but common folk Hyo Ri”, etc frank assessements which created hot discussions over the internet.

In a recent episode of SBS Good Sunday, “Change”, she jokingly said, “Jessica Alba? She is really nothing. Wasn’t she in a commercial with me before?”

Hyo Ri has been actively taking part in variety shows recently and not in her capacity as a singer, showing us that there’s another side to her plus her noteworthy quotes. With regards to this, viewers felt that she was trying to get “really close” to them and acknowledged her efforts.

60 thoughts on “Lee Hyo Ri aims thinly-veiled jabs at Kim Tae Hee, Jeon Ji Hyun & Jessica Alba

  1. wow i didn’t realise how proud she was…gosh saying jessica alba is ‘really nothing’. pffft. she isn’t even half as famous, sexy, good looking, beautiful, skillful (acting/dancing wise) as jessica alba. who on earth is she to say anything.

    do guys still find her attractive despite her character? if i was a guy id say what a big turn-off.

  2. Now the hypocritical real Hyori appeared. Don’t try to use fake tears to get sympathy from the viewers next minute.

    On stage she always tried to look like a cute bitch or something like that, but Hyo Ri is NOTHING without plastic surgery.
    Hyori really isnt all that pretty, she is just made by plastic surgery and make- up-masks. Especially whenever she smiles its like Mashimaro.

    I bet she’s jealous with Jessica Alba because her face is not beautiful as Alba’s ass.

  3. lol…well what a hypocrite….from what i can remember…she was praising Jessica Alba during their commercial shooting…

    seems like someone is a little insecure…. NO OFFENSE HYORI-FANS!! I’m a FAN ALSO!!! but she just seems kinda fake at times…

  4. Kate… She did have surgery, but it wasn’t that dramatic… I mean, I think I’d still find her decent without the breast implants or double eyelid surgery.

    You know, I’ve never been a huge fan of her, but nowadays, I feel like she’s just asking desperately for attention. I saw the episode where she said “Jessica Alba was nothing.” I also saw the making of the CF where she praised Jessica Alba for her beauty. Lee Hyori’s always been very frank (and somethings cocky) about herself… I’ve seen so many times when she said herself that she was pretty or sexy or cute or talented… you get my drift. But she always tries to play herself as the girl who you can be comfortable around, the girl who will eat after you, the girl you can talk and laugh with… Then she goes and says comments about how great she is. I’d find her much more attractive if she wasn’t so haughty… But then again, some stars pretend like they don’t think they are pretty, when you know they know they are… Which is worse? : / I don’t know…

    I hope someone else takes her place as the “sexy queen…” She’s getting old fast. (Wow, and I didn’t even mean to say that literally…)

  5. well, first of all, I think a majority of celebrities, not matter in what country, are a little full of themselves. And especially when a part of your fame is due to your looks, you need that self esteem. I mean, would a normal person do the toc toc toc dance on stage? I wouldn’t.
    And if she’s sounding a little desperate, I wouldn’t blame her. In Korea, age is a really big thing, and women around hyori’s age is pretty sensitive about it. Although she’s GORGEOUS at her age, she might feel a little intimidated with the new wave of young people going into entertainment.
    And I agree with FTLove; I would still think she’s decent without plastic surgery.
    But I wouldn’t know about her character; I don’t know her. We are just being fed the information the media wants us to know. Maybe she IS a bitch, maybe she’s not.

  6. alvin, did she say it jokingly? because usually she jokes a lot on camera….just want to make that clear because a lot of people are quoting your article and making a big deal out of it.

  7. she did say the words, yes of course jokingly. but words tell little than on video. so yes, the media twisted her words.

  8. not big on hyori. but jessica is seriously OVERRATED anyhow.. like someone mention she is twice as famous, yes she is. and ill give you sexy. she is good looking like every other celebrity, nothing special there. however skillful acting and dance-wise? have you seen her movies? one word: CRAP.

  9. I don’t get what’s so shocking about those comments? It’s not like she said anything really mean…..and I think the comment about Jessica Alba was just a joke! People just need to lighten up and get over it!

  10. No kidding! People need to learn how to take a joke! Hyori is a fun and charming person and I still love her! Unnie fighting!!!

  11. “She is really nothing” es una frase usada por la gente coreana que cuando la escucho, se entiende que (la mayoria de las veces) las dicen en broma o en ironia. Yo creo que La gente está malinterpretando el sentido de la frase.
    Ademas jessica Alba no es la gran cosa que digamos, ella es simpatica y sexy como muchas otras… Sinceramente hyori tiene mas recorrido y talento que ella.

  12. I don’t like Hyori so I don’t try to defend her but I think when she said Jess is nothin was a bad joke!! (she laught a lot herself)
    but it’s still a joke so Hyori shut your mouth I can’t stand your jokes anymore!

    is it true that her and Rain??? (go to bed together ;)…..)???

  13. okay to clear things up everyone
    hyori has never had surgery

    and im 100% sure about breasts and nose
    if you look at pictures of her when she showed them during off the rec there were pics of her as 2&9 she looks exactly as she does now. although now her face is a lil skinner and more defined but thats it


    she was jk when she said alba got nothing on her
    translation was screwed.
    dont believe allkpop either. or those other damn fake websites
    she said something more like: pshh.. alba’s got nothing on me…. hahahha~
    wathing hyori on sangsang or all her other shows and such
    u would no she jokes around a LOT.

    like whne she said she had surgery on her nose and couldnt do a ms piggy… turns out like a bit afterward she did the ms piggy and laughed

    cmon ppl. its hyori. her personality is refreshing yet very controversal because of the fact she jokes around a lot and ppl can take half the story and put it out there.

  14. okay uh no.

    you don’t mess with Jessica Alba uh uh..
    hell no

    she is way more beautiful than hyori not to mention a INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR.
    lol no joke.

    she only did the cm with hyori because she got paid heaps of $$$$$$


    Jessica Alba ❤

  15. umm.. she is nothing to jessica alba!!!
    Jessica is like a perfect woman!!
    beautiful eyes and no plastic surgery!!
    she was just saying that because she is insecure!!
    dont get me wrong hyori is pretty with makeeup!!

  16. wat the hell are you ppl talking about
    First of all Hyori’s not made of plastic surgery, she’s only got it on the nose anddd Hyori said Jessica in a jokingly way.
    and WTF? Jessica hotter then Hyori? that a joke? Hyori’s deff the hottest chick out there.

    andd the person thinking Jessica can dance and act? ohhh man wtf? u kidding me. Hyori can pwn her up in acting and dancing…


  17. Okay guys..
    Yes to all you Jessica Alba fans out there she is definately naturally beautiful
    And to all the Hyori fans yes she is also beautiful as well

    You can’t really assume that Hyori is a bitch or what not just because of what she said on the show..
    That’s just being biased..
    I bet if you met her in person you’d think she’s a nice person.
    Plus all of you people bashing on Hyori for being so stuck up or what not Jessica Alba is kind of hypocritical too..
    She talked about not flaunting herself to the media and stuff but if you look at photoshoots and ad’s she’s done she was definately shooting herself in the foot for saying that..
    I understand that Hyori might come off as a bit cocky but I wouldn’t trust subs at all.. usually subs come translated a bit wrong.
    I know this cause I’m full korean and fluent in it..
    So all you people who assume that what she said was so wrong because you believe the subs.. don’t say anything until you think you actually know what they say in shows.

  18. i think, a lots of you might be misunderstood something…i mean, i didnt try to defence her or anything…but dont u know variety shows?? well, if you dont then dont watch or read news about her…it just make me mad…tho i just start to like her…just become her fans (not hardcore)…particulary…you just read here and there and then get pissed over it…try watch more on her then decide…i mean, i dont know much about her too…but somehow i just believe in her…dont know why tho…and if you say that Lee Hyori is not pretty, then i would say she is pretty (for Asian anyway)…Jessica Alba may be sexiest in the world and what’s not but ppl have different charm which some i can find in Hyori and some in Jessica Alba…anyway…i want to say no more…coz i root for Hyori all the ways…not that i blindly support her but if there is no prove on what she really did or feel…i will still believe in her

  19. Haha. You guys don’t even know Hyori
    personally. XDD Nor Jessica Alba and you’re
    going to say all this crap load of stuff? Wow.
    Get over it. They’re stars. So what if they got
    plastic surgery? Not our problem. They just
    want to look and feel good. LOL. I bet none
    of you even considered that the translation
    was wrong either.

    Anyways, Hyori, I’ll always be a fan.
    Jessica Alba, you’re really hot.

  20. Lol this is hilarious.
    People need to realize that… these women are both hot and sexy in different ways. Why? because of the difference in culture and personal preferences of each viewer. Also, this is the entertainment industry we’re are talking about. So they have to look good. Also watch ep 7 of her off the record thing. She gets a facial massage and u can clearly see her nose is real. I have a friend that got a nose job and she cant even blow her nose without being extra cautious. So you people are being biased without any real understandings. You don’t have to love jessica or hyori, but you should respect that they are human beings as well. And this is so stupid how people get so flabbergasted over something that really has nothing to do with them personally. Do you think if Hyori really offended someone, she would still be out there making that money? Probably not. Because I know people would have jumped on her case immediately and if it turned out that she truly spoke ill of someone with bad intentions then she would have to make a formal apology or something of that sort.

    People… THINK… stop being asses for no reason whatsoever. But then again… everyone wants to put in their little 2 cents. Even me… so whatever.

  21. If you guys watch her on Family Outing, she jokes a lot. People are overreacting and changing the whole story. She’s joking. Learn how to take jokes. Get over it.

  22. Hyori is by far one of the “closest” and most natural looking celebrities I have ever seen, but to say she’s never had ANY type of surgery is a bit of a stretch.

    I strongly believe she has had implants. Victoria Secret can only do so much, but in one of her appearances on family outing…it was quite obvious everything was out there “as natural as it could be” – but unfortunately lots of implants are made to “look” natural. It’s nearly impossible for us to discern the truth about breasts unless you have x-ray vision, lol. (Especially if it’s only 1 cup size difference)

    So until she has kids and breast feeds and only then will I admit I was wrong about her boobs- but I DEFINITELY believe she got implants – if it wasn’t for the premier opening of Family Outing – I would have thought it was a “Bra” or strategically put padding (even the PCD stuff a bit – it was in their “making of” vids, heehee) – but nope, those were her current boobs hanging in that very low cut halter red dress – so yup, prove me wrong Hyori and breast feed some babies…like Selma Hayek, lol~

  23. i can’t believe Hyori would ever say that about Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba’s body image is real. She works hard for it and eat faast food restuarants and still maintain a high status good looking body while HYORI stays on a extreme strict diet. Who is she to compare. I am sorry, but Hyori staying next to Jessica alba her features were poor compare to Jessica..She got nice jaw bones, eyes and nose where Hyori has flat feature like most asian do..So she really need to shut up about her pride..She ain’t all that good looking…At least Jessica don’t portray herself as a sex media icon and Hyori does. And she son’t sell her body to becomes famous like hyori. Her pride has become her and she is too frank about everything bc she think the whole world thinks she is hot. NO! She is not…that hot..

  24. yeah hyori def. is not the stuck up personality. notice how it said jokingly therefore she was being sarcastic
    and yeah hyori lee doms. every girl there is woot

  25. WOW did you guys not see what it said? she was only JOKING when she said “jesicca alba is really nothing…” she was JOKING. and now you guys are saying a bunch of crap about her? just because she jokes around like that you all are saying a bunch of crap about hyori as if shes the only cocky celebrity out there… immature much? all celebrities can get cocky and saying things like what she said is human nature. we make mistakes ok? you guys are all bagging on hyori for a few things she says, at least its not as bad as what other celebrites have said. lets get this straight, lee hyo ri was only joking when she said that about jessica alba, so you all shouldnt be going on about how crappy she is compared to her. we all have our own opinions, but it just pisses me off as to how you all are judging hyori’s looks because of what she says. i personally think hyori is beautiful in her own way, as is jessica alba. and to the person above, hyori doesnt portray herself as a sex icon, you can look up jessica alba on google images and see very revealing pics, thats not bad but im just saying, jessica is just as revealing as hyori in her pics. WOW hyori is not the only one out there to get plastic surgery ok? and hers is not even heavy surgery so you people need to calm down about how “fake” she is because she isnt even that extreme. she was pretty natural too. its not like she was the only person in the world to get plastic surgery.

  26. I love Hyori and she tends to be outspoken ^^
    I think Celine’s comment said what needed to be said ^^

  27. First of all I do not find Kim Tae Hee nowhere near the level of Hyori or Jeon Ji Hyun. She is very average looking with her ridiculously fake dimples. Out of the three, Jeon Ji Hyun I find the most attractive and also the one with the least amount of surgery. It utterly disgusts me to the lengths Korean celebrities go to alter their faces increasingly without shame. I do not know why the rest of Asia admires such false beauty. It makes me sick and ashamed to be Korean.

    I watched that a clip of that photo shoot and the expression on Jessica Alba’s face was like she was insulted by having to shoot the ad with Hyori. Mind you Jessica Alba is totally high on herself too, but with good reason. She can back up her attitude with her 100% REAL MEGABABE LOOKS. Hyori is not even in the same league as Jessica and no amount of surgery will get here there either. Hyori is obviously bitter that she was so clearly made to look so average being put next to Jessica and also because of the fact she could feel Jessica DID NOT WANT TO BE SHOOTING WITH HER.

    Hyori is certainly attractive, but Hyori is a big fish in a small pond.

  28. kate tsai/katie, you should probably do some research before saying anything so ignorant. she’s only got surgery on her nose which, in my opinion, didn’t change her appearance at all. as for her “strict diet” how do you know anything about it? as far as i know, she eats as much as the other family outing members.

    too many people are taking her quotes way out of context. she was obviously joking about alba.

    and by the way.. jessica alba is a sex icon. there are so many pictures of her half naked or naked in magazines and on the web. i don’t know what can make that more clear.

  29. I love Hyori, and just because she wears tons of makeup does not mean she’s unnatural. i’m honestly tired of actually just seeing the same old “pale” korean girls that everyone claims “natural”. i don’t think Hyori got surgery on her boops and yes, i saw the pictures of her flipping her nose into a pigs and if she had surgery, then she couldn’t do that. she seems like a bubbly girl with tons of jokes and sarcasms and if people wanna hate her for it then they’re stupid. just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she can’t joke around.

    re-read the statement above:
    “In a recent episode of SBS Good Sunday, “Change”, she jokingly said, “Jessica Alba? She is really nothing. Wasn’t she in a commercial with me before?””

    DO YOU GUYS SEE THAT IT SAID, “she JOKINGLY said”??? does the word “JOKINGLY” ring a bell in your heads????

    Jessica Alba is a doll, but at least Hyori doesn’t go to awards wearing a see-through dress, showing her damn boobs and nipples like Jessica. (:

  30. i love how EVERYONE likes to twist hyori’s jokes into real statements.
    she’s the type of person that loves to joke around!
    i saw OTR and i didn’t even THINK that way cause hyori was JUST JOKING.
    hyori FTW!

  31. man just kewl it…they both r HELLA HOTT!!! and they both r stars…stars tend to compete to become the best thats probably Y they r STARS…and it REALLY did say she JOKINGLY said that only…

  32. Most beautiful girl or most handsome in the world is not valid because the world means only american and europe. There are many beatiful people than the american. I prefer to have hyori lee than jessica alba or kim tae hee. They are youthful.
    if you ask jessica alba to a african or arabian, they dont know who the hell she is. Why is she called international superstar and is superstar on famous on the white man world only.

  33. I love Hyo ri…..
    go Hyo ri go….!
    her opinion about jessica, come on… that just a frankly opinion…
    don’t need to be mad


  34. Man…she did sound bitchy..but hey, there’s a bitch in all of us right?
    At least she’s being frank and open about it.
    Oh, and about Jessica Alba being the sexiest woman in the world is not that accurate. I mean, have they actually travel across the world to search for the sexiest woman? No. If they consider Korean celebs (and not just those who have acted in Hollywood movie, Hyori would be listed for sure.

  35. Jokes are half meant…

    A truly beautiful person is someone who can appreciate someone else’s beauty and superiority…

    tsk..tsk tsk.. such a beauty but what a spiteful tongue… if you can’t say something nice, just bite your tongue twice..

    lower pride a little and maybe u’ll gain more friends..

  36. Jessica Alba has been a top-level sex symbol in America (and internationally) for 10 years. She’s been on the cover of every fashion magazine, GQ, and Playboy. She’s made two dozen feature films and starred in her own TV series. Everyone in America between the ages of 10 and 30 knows her. For someone who is virtually unknown outside of Northern Asian markets to say she is “nothing” is half ignorance and half arrogance.

    Today Lee Hyori sells every product in Korea. In 10 years, when her plastic beauty begings to fade, she’ll be selling her ong dong ee on the street.

  37. u guys r sooo stupid! y would u believe in this shit and judge hyori like this!? goshhh … u guys arent true fans .. no matter what , fans stick together! SHAME ON U GUYS hu ever disses hyori bcos of this!

  38. hahaha, I wonder how much more plastic surgery this bitch needs before she can’t move her face and will shut up

  39. idc if someone had plastic surgery or not
    beauty is beauty (not plastic or natural)

    anyways, honey lee! megan fox!
    number 1 asian
    number 1 american

  40. I also watched the episode of where she was eating the hamburger and the subject of Kim Tae Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun and “her words indicates that she regards Jeon Ji Hyun & Kim Tae Hee as her rivals.” is definitely a wrong analysis. If anything she was light heartedly joking about how she was the only one that eats greasy, not-so-healthy food and drink cola and alcohol in the entertainment industry, where body image (sex appeal) is a requirement.

  41. ummm?, have you guys seen these episodes? hyori not the type to say things in a rude to mean way, she said it in a joking way, she wasn’t serious? and everyone laughed at it as well? I’ve actually seen all these episodes with ehr in it and I didn’t find it bitchy or anything, actually it was cute and funny..yea this article really makes her sound nasty when it’s not even like that.!!

  42. obviously you don’t know hyori? i don’t like the article cuz it’s totally attacking hyori making her seem like a fake bitch which she’s not. if you actually watched all these shows you could see that it was said in a joking manner all the time, and everyone was laughing.~!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. well nobodies perfect though…and i can guess that u guys also can be proud of yourself sometimes right???and i dont believe that she like that

  44. Jessica Alba es JESSICA ALBA! Por dios! Un icono de hollywood, considerada la mujer mas sexy del planeta, una SUPER ESTRELLA MUNDIAL, como se le ocurre a hyori compararse con ella? que atrevimiento!
    Es realmente ofensivo que hayan puesto a la gran Jessica Alba para que haga el comercial con Hyori! Quien es hyori?
    Ella no es nada y menos comparado con Alba, por dios!
    Que, seguro hyori alucina que esta en las mismas ligas que jessica? jajajajajajajajajaaj
    Ese comentario tan absurdo, demuestra lo IGUALADA que es la Hyori esa. Debe ubicarse y bajar de su nube. Le faltan unas buenas dosis de pastilla de ubicaina y desahuevabina para que se ubique y desahueve bien.
    Y para todas las fans, pueden decir lo que quiera pero primero, las cosas como son. No se alejen de la realidad.
    Y eso de que fue una broma, ayayay por favor! eso no fue una broma y uds saben muy bien eso.
    Obviamente, Hyori dijo todo eso debido a su inseguridad y arrogancia. Habrá estado muy amargada por el comercial, al estar al lado del mujerón y bellezon de Jessica Alba y la Hyori es tan NADA y tan normalita al lado de Jessica.
    Yo digo siempre la honestidad y sobretodo,seamos sinceros. Serán muy fans pero no se alejen tanto de la realidad.

  45. I know this is really late but I feel some things need to be cleared up. Why is it that every time Lee Hyori jokes around, people take that as an opportunity to rip on her? The article says she said it JOKINGLY, I’m not really sure what’s not clear about that. It’s also very possible that the subtitles were wrong. Last time she joked about getting plastic surgery on her nose so she couldn’t make the piggy face but she did make it in the end! And to those of you saying she has implants, Hyori does not have breast implants. If you watch OTR episode 8, she gets an x-ray of her chest as well as ultrasound and a breast exam after a car accident to check for fractures and she confirms with the doctor that breast implants would have a) burst due to the breast exam b) shown up in the x-ray quite clearly. You can see the x-ray shows natural breast with no implants whatsoever. Both women are amazing and both have their flaws, there is really no need to say one is better than the other. PLEASE read carefully and thoroughly understand the content before you jump to conclusions and judge people. Small quotes can often be twisted by the media to have a completely different meaning. I’m guessing most of you have Facebook and this is really not much different from the material posted by many of those news apps on fb. Their titles attract your attention and mislead you but if you read the article you realize that the title wasn’t necessarily a lie but it wasn’t the truth either. For example, earlier today I read an article from the Washington Post Social Reader on fb with the title “Shia LaBeouf Confirms He’s a ‘Nymphomaniac'”. Upon first glance it appears Shia LaBeouf has admitted that he has uncontrollable sexual desires to sleep with many many women. However, if you read the article, it in fact says that he is starring in an upcoming drama titled “The Nymphomaniacs” therefore he has confirmed he is part of the cast. As you can see, the title held an alternative meaning and ignoring the article and focusing on the title is the same thing as ignoring the fact that Hyori often jokes around a lot and the subtitles may have been wrong. But most importantly, it is the same thing as ignoring the word JOKINGLY and focusing on her quote “Jessica Alba? She is really nothing. Wasn’t she in a commercial with me before?” PLEASE take this into consideration and take the time to read carefully before rushing to spread false hateful unnecessary comments. Thank you.

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