First impressions of On Air

This is SBS televison station big budget drama production in the earlier half of 2008 and they have assembled a stellar cast (plus the star cameos) to go along with its interesting storyline, behind the scenes of drama making.

It started off with the SBC Drama Awards Ceremony, something glamorous. But there was too much shouting as everyone, yes everyone was doing that instead of talking. And then I couldn’t really get used to the childish and annoying behavior of Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah). Episode Two was roughly the same thing and there were bits and pieces that interest me though to be honest but not too much. Decided to give it another go.

I was glad I stayed with it because Episode Three was a blast. Not a dull scene and it sufficiently build on the earlier episodes to unveil the dark side behind the scenes of making a drama. And we haven’t even got to the drama making yet!

Characters that make the drama tick
They have really assembled an impressive cast and the cameos adds even more star power. So far, we have Lee Hyo Ri (Ep.1), Jeon Do Yeon (Ep.2), Jeon Hye Bin, Park Shi Yeon (Ep.3) plus the promise of even more in the coming episodes.

Kim Ha Neul as Oh Seung Ah


She is the absolutely star thus far. Has a haughty attitude towards everyone and thinks she is the queen. Never backs down from anyone and you are headed for embarassment if you mess with her. Has the best lines thus far and while she is irritable at times, you can’t help but feel that there is probably some reason behind her doing that. Her image is very elegant and she looks way beautiful here than any of her previous works I have seen her in. We finally get to see a vulnerable side of her though in Episode 4.

Song Yoon Ah as Seo Young Eun


She is a very eccentric character and has very peculiar behavior. But deep down, she is hurting over her failed marriage. Song Yoon Ah does a pretty good job here but a little irritable at times but it has been toned down somewhat thanks to Director Lee. Has a penchant for producing dramas that score big in ratings but with unrealistic storylines. Has a big “hatred” for Oh Seung Ah.

Park Yong Ha as Lee Kyung Min


The cool looking upstart director who seems to be acting as the neutralizing factor as he manages to tame both Oh Seung Ah and Seo Young Eun with his calm and confident demeanour. On another hand, he is troubled over financial problems caused by his brother failed business. Believes in dramas that are realistic and loves to try new ideas.

Lee Bum Soo as Jang Ki Joon


The happy go lucky CEO of a management agency company who has but two of his newbie stars left after having the others snatched away by bigger companies. But thanks to some “help” he dished out to Oh Seung Ah when she was a student, he finds himself in luck when she signs with his company. Provides comic relief and is someone with principles and backbone.

I sincerely recommend watching this if you are interested to know how a drama is conceptualized and made. Not forgetting the star cameos from time to time.

6 thoughts on “First impressions of On Air

  1. agreed. i think that song yoon ah’s character is like TOO eccentric at times making her irritating at times. i’m still trying to figure out how the pairing will go. right now, it seems like park yong ha and song yoon ah; lee bum soo and kim ha neul [kinda sorta not really]. i really do hope that it’s park yong ha and kim ha neul…that would make my day. but yeah, the acting is amazing especially from kim ha neul. she’s also absolutely gorgeous in this drama; prettier than in her other dramas [as you said]. im curious to see how this drama progresses since it is getting better with each episode.

  2. Hey! i was looking for someone to write about this show, i never watched but i wanted to know if is worth it or not!
    i never saw those actors before except Park Yong Ha in Tokyo Wankei (as a cameo role).

    thanks for the great info!!!!

  3. kya kya.. love love oh seung ah.
    i never like KHN in her previous dramas, well i might only seen stained glass and romance, but this drama totally get me. and her character, strong but fragile.. auch.

    eventhough park yong ha is sooo damn handsome here.. i don’t know, i like jang ki joon more. probably his character. =]
    funny in treatmill scene. =P

  4. Thanks for the info and recommendation. It seems nice, and might be really interesting in the long run!

  5. yea, i wish Park Yong Ha and Kim Ha Neul ends up together… but I don’t know, the drama’s so confusing! sometimes it seems like Park Yong Ha likes Song Yun Ah but then it looks like he and Kim Ha Neul is the pair. Then Kim Ha Neul and Jang Ki Joon, then Jang Ki Joon and Song Yun Ah… Argh!

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