Shim Eun Jin & Lee Chun Soo, in love!

After initially denying rumors in June 2007 that they were a item, Feyenoord soccer player Lee Chun Soo (27) and singer Shim Eun Jin (27) have now indirectly admitted that they are indeed in a relationship. It was their close friends and Shim Eun Jin’s label that confirmed that they are a couple.


“The two have been in a relationship for nearly a year now. They’re doing well and Lee Chun Soo didn’t hide the fact that they’re dating,” according to close friends that were interviewed by Star News on the 14th.

According to Olive 9, the label of Shim Eun Jin, her drama “Dae Jo Young” and contract with the company already ended and she plans to go on a holiday and visit Lee Chun Soo in Netherlands to show her support.

Moreover, Shim Eun Jin had somewhat slipped a clue on her boyfriend in an entertainment program. She was asked if she has a boyfriend and Shim Eun Jin replied, “He’s not a showbiz celebrity.” When one comes to think of it, Lee Chun Soo is not a showbiz celebrity but is a sports star. So if she were asked “He’s not a showbiz celebrity but a sports star, right?” then she would have had no choice to confirm something.

Credit: krnloop

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