On Air drama ratings soar in Hong Gil Dong absence

With KBS “Hong Gil Dong” not showing last night, SBS “On Air” and MBC “Who Are You?” ratings increased noticeably in the latest chapter of the ratings war.

On Air drama ratings soar in Hong Gil Dong absence

According to TNS Media Korea, last night episode of SBS “On Air” got a rating of 18.9%, and was higher than what it got the night before (14.7%), an increase of 4.2%. MBC “Who Are You?” reached 12.4% and was higher than it’s previous rating of 9.5%, an increase of 2.9%.

The surge in ratings was largely influenced by the non-showing of KBS “Hong Gil Dong”. KBS had decided to broadcast a baseball match between South Korea and Canada which resulted in “Hong Gil Dong” being postponed to next week.

This interruption is likely to have a bearing on how the ratings war between the top two competing dramas in the same timeslot will go in future. Everyone is concerned with the outcome as “Hong Gil Dong” is nearing it’s end with it’s final three episodes while “On Air” is building on a fiery momentum.

4 thoughts on “On Air drama ratings soar in Hong Gil Dong absence

  1. well, as much as i think that absence of HGD might be one factor, but i think on air is a great drama itself. THe flow of first 2 episode might be slow, but ever since eps 3, the drama already got the patch.
    I haven’t watched who are you, but im going to. =]

    btw, thanks for all the news you provide to us. =]

  2. Too bad “On Air” is on SBS. I am staying in Malaysia and only get KBS World on TV.

    By the way, Kim Ha-nuel looks great in that pic.

  3. YEs, I think the image of Kim Ha Neul in this drama is very attractive. She is also beautiful with her new hair. She plays a character which is different than her previous characters but it’s very interesting. However, I don’t like Song Yun Ah’s character. I think it’s too theatrical. Her voice is too odd…Kim Boom Soo’s character is also very nice. I’m very curious about the drama’s ending.

  4. hey i’ve been dying to get some commentary on this, but nobody i know has watched On Air, anyway, what is with the episode where Oh Seung Ah turns up at Jang Gi Jun’s apartment, distraught at the porn video accusations, and he gets out of bed to answer the door…he gets out of bed, where he’s obviously been sleeping with/beside Aiden, the half Korean actor….?

    i watched that scene and was like, “oh no, Seung Ah’s all distraught and traumatised!” then i went, “wait, wtf!?” and watched it again and went, “huh…well actually if Gi Jun were gay, that would make sense on how he can resist this stream of beautiful actresses who are dependent on him etc.”

    so…what’s the deal? i mean, i know that people of the same sex have a lot closer physical yet platonic relationships in korea, i’ve slept in my friends’ beds when i’ve visited them over there, but still, i’d really like to get some discussion going on this!!!

    any comments would be much appreciated!

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