17 thoughts on “Bae Seul Gi Shows Her Maturity

  1. Ugh, I hate when Korean stars take pictures like this… They look slutty and the pictures themselves aren’t good quality so they look trashy…The second and third pictures look terrible; otherwise, the first and second aren’t that bad, especially the first one. She looks cute. Pictures shouldn’t be the sole medium through which she shows her maturity. Pictures are just pictures; They don’t prove that she has matured. I ‘d like to see her maturity through her music and actions…I don’t hate her or anything. I just think it’s kind of stupid that her company put out these pictures to “show her maturity.”

  2. M not sure why but most female artistes in Korea tend to do these photoshoots at least once in their career.

  3. Seems like it is bordering on kiddie porn. Showing the sweet, innocent face while also showing some skin and slightly provocative postures. Not to mention the not-so-falshy (aka teasing) flashing in the last pic. Oh BSG…you can do so much better. *sigh*

  4. I have always thought she got the looks (although not the ass mind you), but she has never really impressed with singing or dancing. It is simply too much of competition out there for her!

  5. How are pictures supposed to prove shes mature? And the way they dress her poses are… kinda a let down. I was never blown away by her singing or rapping. I thought she was kinda average-

  6. Bae Seul Gi is very pretty and cute.. no matter what she wears, it’s probably in her eyes or something.. ^^

  7. Wow…she has matured a lot since the first time I saw her in Full house playing the waitress that yells at Rain towards the last episode.

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