Angela Zhang diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse

Because of her “heart illness”, Taiwanese singer, Angela Zhang Shaohan returned to Canada last week for a full body check-up and stopped all her artiste work at hand. According to the Taiwanese media, if Angela is unable to fulfil her schedule in April, she will lose millions of dollars that was forthcoming.

The day before, Angela called Linfair Records (her record company) Director, Wu Yifen to inform her about the check-up results. She expressed that she had been diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse and the doctors have suggested that she should go for an operation.

Wu Yifen revealed, “The condition causes her blood to leak backwards and thus resulting in her feeling uncomfortable at times. Although doctors have suggested that she should go for an operation, Angela said that she is going to seek a second opinion and if possible not go for an operation. She would rather rely on drugs to control her condition. We will respect her final decision.”

According to an interview with one of Linfair Records staff, Angela had some discomfort during an awards ceremony in Shanghai in January this year. She didn’t take to the stage in the end even though she won an award.”

The biggest impact is her Singapore concert which was scheduled for March but has been postponed to June instead. According to the Taiwanese media, Angela also has lots of commercials, promotion commitments in April. Add the promotion and marketing cost for her Singapore concert, the loss of possible revenue could run up to millions. All costs will however be covered by Linfield Records.

What is heart mitral valve prolapse? – Source

Mitral valve prolapse is a heart problem in which the valve that separates the left upper and lower chambers of the heart does not open and close properly.

The heart’s mitral valve helps blood on the left side of the heart flow in one direction. It closes to keep blood from moving backwards when the heart beats.

If the valve does not open and close properly it is called mitral valve prolapse. It can be caused by many different things. In most cases, it is harmless and patients usually do not know they have the problem. In a small number of cases, it can cause blood to leak backwards (severe mitral regurgitation). This needs to be treated with surgery.

  • Sensation of feeling the heart beat (palpitations)
  • Chest pain (not caused by coronary artery disease or a heart attack)
  • Hard to breath after activity
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath when lying flatAll the best and speedy recovery!!!
  • 27 thoughts on “Angela Zhang diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse

    1. Hope you get well soon, Angela! I’ll pray for you. Stick with you ’til d end. Don’t worry.

    2. omg.. is this real??
      wow its so shocking she looks so healthy..
      it should be ok…
      we all give you the best and warmest wishes ever…
      -feijie yang

    3. I have the same heart illness as hers. And it is really quite hard to have this illness when you are so much of a busy person like her. I hope she can recover pretty soon. I had this illness when I was still in 3rd yr high school, about 6 years ago. But the doctors said, I will recover in time. So I hope Angela can still continue her passion. She is sooooo much a talented person! We’ll pray for you Angela!!!!

    4. .,hope you recover,i’am very sad because you have “heart illness” you are my one of my idol, i’am a filipio from philippines,.,.love yaaaaah angela.,.,get welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!take care.,.,i’am a girl,i’am 2nd year high school,!!!!!!!

    5. .,,erase my one reply,,ahehehehe.,.,naubusan na kasi ako ng english ehh ahehehehe.,.,kulang kulang kasi nakalagay ehhhhh.,.,basta.,.,magingat ka palage angela,<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Hi Angela,

      I am ritchie from manila philippines…we have the same heart disease….i am researching for possibilities to have a cure without surgery with of course God’s help…i dont know…all i know is that He the Almighty has the power to take our life…coz the lives of his creations is in His hand.

      Hoping angela we cope up with this…and still have the chance to do good again with God’s help.

      dont forget to know more about God..its in the bible.

      your friend,

      Ritchie Bautista (March 5,2009)

    7. when i heard the neWs that angela zhang shao han has a heart disease i feel sAd because angela zhang shao han is my # 1 i dol there in taiwan. i wish that she recovered her condition so0n.

      Angela fight d0n’t l0sE your way im here beside you alwayz pray for you..(^_^)

      alwayz take care of your self

      plzzz don’t give up g0d can help you and also Us for the prayer s0 that you can back on your CARRER and for your nEw album and Movie. DONT WORY

      i always luv you for eva



      im your #1 fan here in the philippines

      get well so0n Angela SeE yahhh


    8. ANGELA get well s0o0o0o0n!!!!!

      hope you did it….(^_^)

      W0 AI NI……(””V””)
      ‘ V ‘







    9. angela im hoping to keep you up and wish that you’ll get well soon.. 🙂 i wish that you’re all the best. im your number one fan here in the philippines… i hope you’ll have a concert here.. 🙂 i love the way you act, dance and the way you sing… i love everything from you… 🙂 we love you so much..

    10. Angela,

      Your song “It’s A Long Long Journey” is beautiful and haunting. I have looked for years and quite by accident found you as the artist.

      Your heart condition; I had the same problem. It was never a big deal as I ran a marathon in Hawaii, rode my bicycle to San Diego (107 miles) by myself in under 7 hours and one year rode down and back. I was also in the military and it was never a problem…until one day! Theere is no cure for this Mito Valve Prolapse. It will get worse I guarantee it! But for you it may take years to become a big problem. After my dignosis I had Robotic (De Vinci) surgery and it was fantastic. I was back to work with no restrictions within 3 weeks. You will be so much better a persoon and performer if you go ahead with the surgery. Believe me PLEASE, this is a degenerative heart condition. It will only get worse and it could be fatal.

      Russ Curtiss

    11. Hullo Angela,
      I’m from Sarawak, Malaysia and I’m really hoping dat u wil recover soon..
      Don’t b overstressed and take your time to rest too..
      Also don’t worry, smile always! =D
      & we’ll all support u at every momment.
      “Jia You!” n “Kambateh!”

    12. Oh My Gosh!!!!

      It would of been so nice if she would of took the the doctor advice. Well, I know it was just a T.V show but she should be strong like she played in the movie called Romantic Princess.

      I really want to see her playing more roles in TV and listening to her new songs…

      I hope you get better Angela Zhang. My prayers are with you. I hope you make a good decision when the right times come.

      May all my blessing to you. God Bless You Angela Zhang

    13. Dear.angela zhang

      hay,angela i”m jovelyn from philippines i”m hoping wil recover and i believe your women is strong and i wish to see you someday and your song It’s A Long Long Journey” is a beautiful song for you and i wish i”m going to taiwan and duet to sing to you i”m always for you and never leave you jovelyn Teñoso

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