T.O.P kiss with Sandara Park very much over-hyped

Well most of us were led to believe that it was provocative.


The MV was released this morning to the public after a week of teasing and preview via the screencaps from the media. The kiss amounted nothing more to just a peck because it really was nothing. Maybe it was provocative but they decided on showing it and used a more “conservative” camera angle instead.

T.O.P looks really cool in the MV while Sandara Park reminds me immensely of Eugene. The storyline has been done before but just a small spoiler that it doesn’t end happily for our leads. The song is not too bad after a few listens.

Gummy’s 4th album, “Comfort” is out in stores from today.

23 thoughts on “T.O.P kiss with Sandara Park very much over-hyped

  1. OMG I hate the song….. LOL.. And all that hype for THAT kiss?! Bleh….. Hahahahahahahaa… Like how provocative can a kiss with a boyband member get anyway? The poor actress will be stoned by crazy girl-fans should that happen.

  2. nope it was never “provocative”. i just know it. it was just part of the hype. and that camera angle was used to cover up for the fact that its a horrible, bad kiss, which i think is good for my soul and my well being. hehe. because i love TOP.

    i kinda like the song. and too much on the public telephone, no? seems like ‘Lie’ all over again. but i like it even though its kinda disappointing.

  3. actually the video is really nice…the acting of two actors are very realistic and it seems they are really a couple…They look good together and I hope they could start a new korean tv series. Sandara is really good in that video and of course top…One of the best so far.

  4. I like the song and i like the MV..

    I was soo scared of TOP kissing SANDARA -___-” but it wasnt much… but yeah not bad..


    plus i like how Sandara DIES at the end…

    ^ ^ TOP looks SOO GOOD.. and his acting was soo DEEP O__o”

  5. like you, ive always seen a likeness between Eugene and Sandara… especially from Eugene’s Loving You series…

  6. The acting in the mv was really nice from T.O.P and I don’t know why they made a scandal out of his kissing. They should be proud that he can act. By the way it’s funny how they made his hair looks like those of nerd in the kissing scene ^_^ but the mv was really nice overall.

  7. whew… i love it! i hope all the best for Sandara, she didn’t get THAT much attention in the Philippines, i hope that she does well in her native land ^_^

  8. sandara looks very pretty and matured here.i guess,she had better career when she went back to korea.imagine,,from STAR CIRCLE QUEST in the philippines to a movie etc. in korea.!!wow..its reall hard for me to beieve..

  9. its sandara park!
    nice to see her again..working..
    she started her showbiz career in the philippines..in ABS-CBN charice pempengco’s home network.
    everybody in pinas knows her.
    with commercial,print,tv shows and movies…
    but her popularity..went down..and she decided..to go back to korea..hehe..she can speak/understand Filifino, but not that fluent…(philippine language)
    i remember, she was dub as Phillippine’s national KRUNG-KRUNG meaning..”Little Crazy’ or ‘crazy’ hahaha..because of her bubbly and frank! attitude..=)
    i hope..she make it big in her own native country! Goodluck to u Sandy!

  10. omg. im starting to hate sandara park now. how could she kiss himm… !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :[ **SOBB** she thinks she’s all that. lol.

  11. i am a fan of sandara if there is some one going to throw stones on her i am going to kill them seriously . . .

  12. i know that she looks like eugene from the first time i saw the vid.
    but i sis, keeps on saying that she looks like han ji hye.

    anyway, she is pretty, and doesnt look her age.

  13. sandy isn’t that bad @ acting >_<
    it’s just that when she was in the phil they ddn’t give her the chance to polish her skills in acting and singing.
    I hope the YG Family will give her the chance to prove herself.

  14. shut up AYU! that song is so beautiful. maybe you dont know how to listen a goo song. and b4 u comment, you should understand the song so that u can appreciate it. poor AYU.

    Sandara Park and T.O.P are very compatible.

    i wish that they have a koreanovela.

  15. hey calol! for your info sandara attracted alot of attention here in the philippines she is a actress and a singer here, so dont say anything because you dont know anything about her career in our country, we love her alot because she is the pambansang krung krung of the philippines! Go sandara….
    and for your info guys YG will be promoting 2NE1 in the philippines and im super excited

  16. why many of you hate her? she has been through a lot of obstacles, and i think her acting is good.. and i love her being with TOP.. they got the chemistry… 2ne1 bigbang fighting!

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