Mani disappointed as Isabelle Leung breaks off all communications

It was reported earlier last week that Li Ka Shing second son, Richard Li Tzar Kai was courting Emperor Entertainment Group female starlet, Isabelle Leung (梁洛施). The person who linked them together was Michelle Yeoh who plays her mother in the movie, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. The media also claimed that the both of them had already been dating for six months even though their ages differ by a staggering 22 years. It’s speculated that Richard Li is planning to stake one million to terminate her contract with EEG. Isabelle has now broken all communications with her manager and company and relying on the lawyers as the middleman for negotiations.


Since that happened, her manager, 霍汶希 (Mani) has kept her silence and refused comment. She had hope that Isabelle would return soon. But she finally broke her silence and admitted that Isabelle is “hiding” herself and was hurt and disappointed at her behavior, “This is a big blow to me.” The reporter asked whether she will keep a distance from artistes in future? She replied, “No, to groom an artiste, you need to put your whole heart into it. Plus I never thought of asking for anything in return.” She ended by saying that Isabelle had potential and it will be a pity if she does exit the entertainment industry.

She joined EEG at the young age of 12 years old and was regarded to be someone with enormous potential having been groomed from young. In the aftermath of the Edison scandal, she was regarded as one who could bring a new lease of life into the industry. It’s sad that it has to end this way. She will probably end up as the rich wife of Richard Li if nothing else happens.

5 thoughts on “Mani disappointed as Isabelle Leung breaks off all communications

  1. From what I read she is not going to quit the entertainment world. Richard Lee is a media tycoon himself, I guess he might want to form a company with Isabella as the core.

    If I am Mani I would be disappointed too… I could understand if Isabella wanted to leave the company and work for her bf (or simply quit)… but Isa could do better in dealing with this matter; without her mentors and her company… she would be just a normal person.

    Thanks for the link btw.

  2. What a surprise! An actress going out with a millionaire.

    Yes, Richard Li is a very handsome and charismatic man, is he not?

    Why is it former Ms Hong Kong’s never marry a cameraman or a TVB producer?

    Money talks.


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