So Nyeo Shi Dae to release re-packaged album

Korean girl group, So Nyeo Shi Dae will be releasing their first re-packaged album “Baby Baby” and reappear in front of their fans with a new image.


(L to R): Jessica, Tiffany, YoonA, Seo Hyun, Sunny


(L to R):  Hyo Yeon, Yuri, Tae Yeon, Soo Young

Since their debut with “Into the New World”, their follow-up songs like “Girls Generation”, “Kissing You” have also been receiving lots of love from their fans. Their latest single, “Baby Baby” is similiar to their previous works, a light-beat tune about a young girl love confession. They will debut this new song performance on 13th March on MNet Countdown!.

Besides “Baby Baby” as the theme song, they have also included two additional songs, “Let’s go So Nyeo Shi Dae” and “Kissing You (Skool Rock Mix )”.

Companies who releases re-packaged album wants to keep that album on the chart for a little while longer while also making a bit more $$$ from fans who are likely to buy again or those who didn’t buy the initial version.

But what about fans who have bought the first version? A rip-off? Yes, but essential in this era where album sales are barely making enough. Fans will gripe initially but still they will be snapped up when it’s released eventually.

17 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae to release re-packaged album

  1. they all look prettier than usually especially hyo yeon and tiffany. i kind of felt like jessica looked a little like sunmi mixed with taeyeon in this picture. taeyeon looks a little awkward though…

    anyways, i like their new “image” and i look forward to hearing their new song 🙂

  2. dang!!
    hyoyeon and tiffany!!
    pretty and beautiful is not enough to describe them!
    tiff has that sexy aura at that look, and hyoyeon looked too much like of an angel! whew!!
    too hot to handle!

  3. what? repackaging?..what’s the point? . . it’s just some new remixes being added into the album..oh well..

  4. Sorry to any SoShi fans, but can they take a break already? I mean they’ve been active for like 5 months already…

  5. ^ SoShi fans are actually worried that they are doing too much since they basically have no time to rest..

  6. This is SM Entertainment and LSM we’re talking about…he doesn’t give ANYONE a break…just look at BoA!

  7. I’m not a SoShi fan at all so I wish they’d just disappear for awhile, not because I want them to have a break but because I’m kind of sick of seeing them everywhere to be quite honest … They’re everywhere. But yeah, Akon, Lee Soo Man and his money grabbing self… Very true.

  8. ^^ i agree with you. i want them to disappear too for the same reasons. really really sick of them. doing the same kind of song.. dances.. cries.. ahh.. and really really sick of the short skirts. really short skirts.
    this repackaged album is unfair for those hardcore fans. they will just have to spend more money.

  9. they are gorgeous but the cover reminds me of CSJH’s photo…or something similar bout it….SM needs new ideas!

  10. lol… re-packaging is such a rip-off… but i like the cover pics… wonder when they will stop their promotional activities…

    and LSM digsusts me so much… as long as he is making making money then I guess everything is alright… too bad he has no clue how to invest cuz he could`ve had more, without working those kids like slaves… like someone said, just ask Boa… poor girl as been stuffing herself with ramen in order to save up … that man is cheap as hell!!

  11. SM is falling behind. COME UP W/ SOME BETER IDEAS AND GIVE THE SM ARTISTS A BREAK!!! Are you trying to kill them or something??? WG, Big Bang, and other new artists are coming out, and all LSM can come up w/ is SNSD amd SHINee?? i mean, they’re talented, but he’s not coming up with good ideas to promote them, and he’s not giving them enough time to rest…maybe HE should take a break..along w/ BoA and DBSK. for heavens sake, micky yoochun and u-know yunho both had to go to the hospital cause of dehydration….i sooo agree w/ breezy,he is not paying them enough either!!! Big Bang raked in 12 million, DBSK probably raked in more from their 5 years as a group, but they probably dont get half of it. poor BoA and DBSK..working their heds off for some old cheapsake. Dang, this comment is long..i talk(in this cas, write) a lot when i’m angry or frustrated….

  12. yeah they ‘re …….so ,,specialll girl ban
    d..,!!!your song is very cute!!! …sarangheyyooo………???/\\\

    wa ka…ka… yeach ,,?////spirit

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