T.O.P kissing Sandara Park MV stills revealed

After all hell broke loose last week over T.O.P kissing scene with Sandara Park in Gummy’s new MV, “I Am Sorry”, YG Entertainment continues teasing us by releasing stills from the MV involving the kiss and other scenes of them.


“Since the news was released last week about the MV, many people were curious as to who was Sandara Park and requested for MV stills to be made available. So we decided to publish some stills before the actual MV is released this week. The MV will be out this Wednesday, 12th March, the same day where Gummy’s 4th album is released,” announced YG Entertainment.

This is a smart move by YG Entertainment to promote three of its artistes at one shot. T.O.P gets more exposure, Sandara Park gets back on the radar after being kind of forgotten while Gummy’s album gets promoted at the same time.

13 thoughts on “T.O.P kissing Sandara Park MV stills revealed

  1. omg! this MV is hot! congrats to gummy, top and sandara…

    YG, thanks for opening your doors to sandara! her presence in the korean entertainment scene will explode…it’s going to be a BIG BANG indeed!

  2. wow….good thing thats sandy is doing fine!!!good to hear it!!! Good luck to Sandy!! and we miss you here in the philippines!!!^___^

  3. Ahh not my TOP! Haha, he looks so cute in the mv, although I’m not really feelin’ the first stillcut hairstyle… Sandara Park, It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from her. When is she coming out already?! ^^

  4. ughhhh. i love TOP too much lol.
    seems like Sandara needs to title her head more or something.. it kinda looks awkward.
    if it was me.. hehehehe. ^^

  5. wOw Sandara greAt jOb
    you were first celebrity here in philippines
    now in your own country
    i hope your happy now with someone
    after your relationship to joseph bitangcol
    your partner is so cute

  6. I was really shock when I saw Gummy’s I’m sorry MV on arirang tv.
    “wait, isn’t she sandara park?”, I asked. Then I searched
    the internet and found that it’s not a mistake. hehe. Sandra
    becomes prettier, that’s great. It’s ok if his partner is TOP,
    just don’t do to my Seung Ri. =)

  7. i love kim so eun…….she is my favourite korean actress…she is the one on top of the page………PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. In this mv, dara is the one who says sorry because of leaving T.O.P as the one she love, because of the reason that she;s dying

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