Kim Jong Min not as innocent and pure as he looks?

It was revealed to the public that during the time when Kim Jong Min was dating Hyun Young, he had actually confessed his love to Jang Yoon Jung too!


This matter came to light by coincidence during the recording of MBC variety, “GPZIGI” yesterday (10th March) as the triangle relationship between Kim Jong Min, Jang Yoon Jung and Hyun Young made the atmosphere really “awkward”.

It started when the host posed a simple question to Jang Yoon Jung who was one of the guests that day, “Did Kim Jong Min confessed to you before?”

As a matter of fact, everyone knows that Kim Jong Min did confessed his love to Jang Yoon Jung before. He had once said to her directly, “Please accept my love. I can give up everything in my life (for you).” But when Hyun Young was cross-checking with Jang Yoon Jung for the date which he did that, they surprisingly discovered that this took place 10 months ago when Kim Jong Min was in a dating relationship with Hyun Young.

With regards to this, Hyun Young was livid and couldn’t control her emotions, “Actually, the first time that Kim Jong Min confessed his love to me was 3 years ago.” She added, “I was moved by his determination and sincerity over this past two years of courtship before accepting him. So I am quite shocked at this and I don’t think I can forgive him.”

Seeing Hyun Young’s adverse reaction, an awkward Jang Yoon Jung tried to calm things down, “Kim Jong Min was just joking with me.” But Hyun Young didn’t buy that, “Kim Jong Min is an extremely shy person, he doesn’t even dare to strike up a conversation with female guests, so I can’t take this matter lightly.” The whole studio descended into a scene of awkwardness all around.

Park Myung Soo who was watching this at the side tried to defuse the situation by re-enacting a scene from a drama, “Love and War, “Four weeks might be too long so we will give you one week to re-adjust. Please settle this with Kim Jong Min before coming back.” Only then did the whole atmosphere not feel so tense and lightened up considerably.

15 thoughts on “Kim Jong Min not as innocent and pure as he looks?

  1. Thanks for posting this, I can rarely find any translated news on HY.

    Didn’t know KJM was a prick.

  2. oh my. what a short lived romance.
    thats why a celebrity should never ever reveal.
    im so shocked KJM is capable.. but i guess!

  3. When it comes to affairs of the hearts, no1 is pure and innocent…
    Artistes are constantly under a microscope, that’s main reason they prefer to keep their personal lives secret from the roaming nose of the press.
    I empathise with KJM, and very unlucky for him that his 2 beau compared stories, but hopefully it will not be another scandal like HK’s….

  4. Judging from the clip, it didn’t seem so serious… but anyways, maybe she waited to long you know! He will get old soon, so he can’t wait forever I mean 🙂

  5. 2 years of courtship??!! man that is too much, no wonder he asked JYJ out. Altho i doubt very much it’s as serious as ppl r making out <_<

  6. ..i think koo hye sun is more prettier than the three of them , ha ,ha,..but it’s your choice lee min-ho were always there ,all your fans to support you ! go ! go! go ! ,mUahhhh!

  7. Kim jongmin, dear you are just nothing but a foolish. You just keep laughing all the time like most other idiots. But still you have an attraction and you can attract any girl with your charming look. Just grow up man!

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