Jo In Sung to revive Infinity Challenge ratings decline?

The appearance of Jo In Sung in the latest preview of MBC “Infinity Challenge” has become a hot topic of discussion. Due to certain reasons (one of them being Haha enlistment), the ratings of MBC’s flagship variety show has been seeing a decline in ratings. With the infusion of new member, Jo In Sung, will he become their new saviour? Everyone is anticipating to see what will happen.


In the preview shown over “Infinity Challenge”, Jo In Sung will finally make his appearance in the “2008 Beijing Olmypics Special” in the up-coming episode. 

Jo In Sung participation which was made known earlier has already filled “Infinity Challenge” fans with widespread anticipation. They also hope that that Jo In Sung will be able to infuse a new lease of energy into the program.. Many viewers wants to see how he is like on a variety show. Their anticipation is heightened even more with each passing minute.

Jo In Sung appearance was made possible because one of “Infinity Challenge” hosts, Jeon Jun Ha are apparently very close friends with him so he was able to come and perform on the show on short notice with no strings attached.

4 thoughts on “Jo In Sung to revive Infinity Challenge ratings decline?

  1. how i wish i can see that show. i love korean shows, movies and dramas. i love jo in sung. i’ll try to visit korea sometime and see my luck if i’ll get to see jo in sung!

    i get a lot of info about jo in sung from your site. nice.

    take care. ciao.

  2. that episode was really funny.. it was really amazing that jo in sung really did the stuff that IC do.. he never back-out from the challenges that they throw to him… it think he really enjoyed his experience with IC…

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