Charlene expresses her disgust at drunkard taking liberties with her and Gillian

Charlene Choi from Twins replied angrily after an unpleasant incident last week in Shenzhen while attending a public event with Leo Ku yesterday.

Last Friday, Gillian who had been out of work recently accompanied her group mate, Charlene to Shenzhen to attend a low-key advertising firm function.

An unpleasant incident happened during the function involving Twins who were on stage at that moment. A middle-aged man was apparently too intoxicated with alcohol and rushed towards them. With one arm over Charlene’s shoulder and holding a wine glass in the other, he shouted, “Ah Gill (Gillian) must be strong!” Following which, he moved over to Gillian, touching her lower chin and then kissing her on the face, making Gillian extremely awkward. That man then switched over to Charlene and did the same repulsive action. The duo couldn’t do anything else really and just smiled awkwardly throughout this ordeal.

Charlene said, “That man was very drunk and I really wanted to hit him with my microphone because of his inappropriate actions. The MCs couldn’t react in time. That man even wanted us to drink from his glass after he had led us to toast everyone present. Of course we didn’t drink since that glass had his saliva on it. A hug is alright but his actions were very gross and made us very angry. We have already lodged a complaint with our company.”

5 thoughts on “Charlene expresses her disgust at drunkard taking liberties with her and Gillian

  1. this should answer some of your questions:

    [b]Gillian forced to smile before old pervert

    After the photos scandal, Gillian’s work has come to a stop. The last time she appeared in front of the media was on the 25th last month at a sportswear function in Hebei, China. After that, she has been resting at home and did not participate in any other promotional activities. But last Friday (February 29, 2008), she and her partner, Charlene, did appear at a Matsunichi company event in Shenzhen.

    Twins have been endorsing for this brand of mp3 players since 2002. That night, they were performing guests at the company event. When Gillian appeared, there was a commotion among the audiences. Yesterday, it was reported that a middle-aged man, believed to be a high-ranking person in the company, got drunk at the event and suddenly went on stage with his wine cup. He wrapped his arm around Charlene’s shoulders and forced her to drink up the wine in his cup. He then shouted “Gillian you must be strong!” and put his arms around her too, touching her lower chin and kissing her cheek. Gillian was very awkward on the spot. After kissing Gillian, the man also turned to Charlene and kissed her cheek.[/b]

    source: lenax3 from Gillian’s forum at af

    charlene’s response is really confusing. so it’s either the news about the men who is believed to be a high-ranking person in the company is false (i doubt charlene would say that about him if he’s someone important from Matsunichi), or charlene’s comment is taken out of context. i’m curious of what’s the new source you got this from?

  2. The Twins should be use to it. They are whores. EEG’s Albert Yeung has been selling the Twins to business friends and buddies. These two are totally used.

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