Son Ho Young transforms into a “girl” for Change

In SBS Good Sunday “Change”, singer Son Ho Young will transform himself into a girl called Erica. From the special make-up, putting on a long hair wig, plus his fingernails, he will perform a total transformation into the opposite sex.


Lee Hyo Ri who has experience in transformation will be personally teaching him on how to sit, smile, walk into a perfect woman.

After specialised training from Hyo Ri, Ho Young who would have been more comfortable in his role as a female will take on the mission of flirting with Jeon Jun Ha with the assistance of various entertainer friends.

Episode 4 will be shown today over SBS at 5.30pm onwards. Episode 1 and 2 with Hyo Ri and Kangin transformation was somewhat a success. Episode 3 with No Hong Chul was less than ideal with many managing to identify him once he started talking and doing his trademark hand gestures. Their voice and behavior were the biggest giveaways so Ho Young has to do better in that department.

3 thoughts on “Son Ho Young transforms into a “girl” for Change

  1. this one looks way more interesting! i definitely want to see this… alvin, could you post up the youtube links when they come out? i have a hard time finding this show :/

  2. Is this the show they aired in lieu of EHB?
    I miss EHB!
    While waiting, “Change” would feature starts that I do know.

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