T.O.P engages in provocative kissing with Sandara Park in Gummy’s MV

After being away in Japan for a long time, Big Bang T.O.P is back finally with a big “present” for everyone. He will lock lips with Sandara Park in Gummy’s first single from her new 4th album, “I’m Sorry” music video.


The music video content is about T.O.P saying “I am sorry” to Sandara Park and then walking away feeling lonely and lost with regrets. The scene was completed in one take without any NGs and became a hot topic of discussion.

Not only that, when T.O.P’s character was filming the emotional painful scenes of getting through the sadness of Sandara’s character leaving him, everyone was moved and impressed by his polished “real” acting skills.

T.O.P expressed, “I really liked her work and respect her. She gave me lots of help before so I am very grateful to have the chance to help her. It is very meaningful and I hope that Gummy’s nuna album would do well on the charts.”

46 thoughts on “T.O.P engages in provocative kissing with Sandara Park in Gummy’s MV

  1. all i can say is…i still can’t believe yg signed a contract with sandara 😦

    no offense to sandara, but she wasn’t very talented in the philippines, and i’m not sure if she’ll be great in korea [hopefully, she’ll be better].

  2. ahh. this is such a hot news.
    i dont wanna say bad things anymore. ^^
    other than why cant it be me?!

    charitee, sandara is gonna make a comeback in the Philippines according to YG.. after her drama. and i am thinking that they will use her to bring BB into the coutry. ^^

  3. really? Sandara? So thats why she disappeared from Manila’s entertainment scene. Korean friends staying here (Philippines) said she is not really popular in Korea. I suppose she was able to break in anyway. Wish her luck in Korea.

  4. Jaime, magdilang anghel k sana kc gusto ko ring marinig ng mga pinoy ang music ng BB kc they’re all great…

    LAdili99, i believe tama ang cnabi ng mga friends mo kc hnd pa nga talaga sikat c sandy s korea kc mag ddebute p lang sia… gets? so hnd p talga sia sikat…

  5. wow! sandara w/ top! grrreatttt!!!

    hey, yg got sandara because she’s got what it takes to make it BIG! very pretty and talented, she loves what she’s doing. she’s got determination and passion. and CHARISMA to boot.

    so those antis…eat your heart out….belat!!!

    can’t wait for that MV!

  6. i didn’t like her when she still doing stuffs in philippine showbiz but i am interested to see what she got now that she’s on her native korean showbiz scene.

    its a very good marketing strategy, mixing start up artists with famous ones, talk about fan exposure.

  7. i guess ill give sandara sum support but i still LOVE TEMPO…..TEMPO IS MA HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. its not that she bad in acting.]its just her accent
    that kills it.
    lovee her <33 she’ll prolly do betta in korea cuhz
    she doesnt have accent =]

  9. just wana say hi to my colleagues here in jrmsc…. hope u will done great sandy!!!! hows Hero? I miss him!!!!jejejejeje

  10. hmm, this is the first time i heard about sandara? BTW
    whats with the negative thoughts about here? being a korean singer or actress is a call from heaven. please dont re-include the past if you say in the philippines. maybe she went there in korea for a change.

    i saw some facts about sandara over the net and i think that she experienced hardships during her stay there. i also think when the success of sandara comes of from her career in korea, her past tv network will bring cheeezy news about her to attract viewers and increase their rating. (even though she was bashed little by little by the network for her to leave)

  11. understandable naman kasi ung mga works ni Sandy sa Pinas kasi hindi sya as in magaling magtagalog and mag english but then ngayong nasa sarili nyang country na sya eh mas magiging comfortable and confident sya kasi sarili nyang language ang ginagamit..
    kahit sino naman siguro eh papalpak kapag pinakanta ka sa language na hindi mo kabisado..

    I believe na ibang level ang mararating ni Sandy sa Korea kasi mas maganda ang training na pinagdaanan nila doon…

    just watch out!

    and nag debut palang sila kaya di pa talaga sila well-known…

  12. ang mga insecure ky sandara mas mga walang talent..puro kayo bad opinion,balang araw kakainin nyo mga cnasabi nyo..
    love you Sandara!!!

  13. in any country and in whatever entertainment company its really hard for newbies, Sandara was not the only one who experienced ups and downs during the start of her career. even if she didn’t debut in the philippines she would still have a lot of trouble.

    i think she was lucky to be able to start a career in the philippines where she gained experiences and the courage to stand infront of the camera. i mean, she used to be very shy and only scraped off the contest because of her cuteness and i doubt if she even had any plans on joining showbiz before. if she had started her career in korea without any experiences before and concerning the competition there i think it would had been harder for her to rise above the other aspiring korean artists. at least in the philippines she had some special attention from the people because everything about her was fresh and new and that set her apart from her fellow questers.

    i do agree that she was rather a complete amateur in singing and acting during her stardom in the philippines but it has been a long time since then. a person changes over time and i do believe that she had improved a lot that is why YG signed a contract with her.

    whether her she had bad or good experiences before of if she had committed some mistakes in showbiz (the sexy pics in UNO) it had surely made her learn from them and made her to a more mature and professional person 🙂

  14. I miss you here in the Philippine TV Sandara!
    Please come back here!
    I love you always!
    I’m gonna be yur number 1 fan here!

  15. IN FAIRNESS to sandara, it wasnt her fault if we were made to believe that she lacked talent at all. it was simply how the network packaged her then. if you guys noticed, in manila, if you’re someone who wanted to make it into showbiz, the next best thing for you is to be a comedian. that way we can make fun of your accent or your lack to understand the language. never mind if you actually have the talent…..

    i hold no grudges in the network that handled her career then, everything was just pure observation.

    i am proud of sandara and come on you guys, how cool can that be? she is probably the only korean whose in showbiz who can fluently speak tagalog! hehehe

  16. Some people might not like her, I at first didn’t like her because I feel she is too trying hard but then I kinda pity her since the network who handled her just used her for ratings and when she is no longer the IN thing, they just dropped her like a hot potato.

    She went back to Korea hoping for a greener pasture and yes she found it. Now is very famous along with her group 2NE1 and you can really see how well she improved in singing and dancing. I think she already has talent in singing but she was forced to sing in English and Tagalog which is not her REAL language at all, so you gotta understand where she is coming from.

    Besides before she debuted in Korea, she trained under YG. Take note, TRAINED. Being a star in Korea is different HERE. Here training is like what? in korea she undergo EXTENSIVE training and I think she did very well since she passed training. YG has a high expectations in their talents and Dara is meeting it or else she would not be included in 2NE1 to think CL, Bom and Minzy have shown prowess in singing and dancing.

    Stopo bashing. You hatem you hate, you like, you like,. Bashing her would prove how childish you are and could not accept the change she underwent in Korea. Just be happy for her that she is more HAPPY there than she was ever here.

  17. wla nmng gaspangan ky sandy…sakit talaga ng mga filipino ang pgiging crb mentality…pg myron nkikitang sumisikat kung ano ano ang sinasabi..let us support sandy n lang..kc khit n nsa korea n cia mahal pa rin nya ang mga pilipino…gets

    go go go sandy

  18. Had just been in my mind for awhile….

    I don’t know exactly how many foreigners actually had an acting career in the Philippines but as far as I’ve seen through my waking life here (from 90s to present) I’ve only seen or remember 3 including Sandara. What makes her unique compared to the first two was that they were literally beauty queens and westerners. If you guys remember, during the 90s Diana Torres (ex-wife of Mark Anthony) and Michel (ex-wife of Ogi Alcasid) were very popular and did a lot of movies.

    So I guess what I’m saying here is that Sandara could be sort of comparable to a beauty queen with regards I think with her charms and not necessarily beauty…….

  19. it just shows that the Philippine Music/Movie industry doesn’t know how to culture talents. Sandara improved in her native homeland.

  20. hmp….xa mga ndi nani2wla sa gling ni sandara…wag na kau mgbgay ng comment…hmpp… la2itin niu lng xya…bk8 kau…ckat bah kau hah…

  21. ~heLow,,sandyyyy……i’m ur # one fan, & i relly luv ur song “Fire” & ” i dont care” that’s all luv uuuuuu….sandy””’ehehehehe,,,SARANGHE…me ling’zky’

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