Lee Seo Jin to appear on his girlfriend, Kim Jung Eun “Chocolate” program

Lee Seo Jin has decided to appear on his girlfriend, Kim Jung Eun’s program.


Kim Jung Eun had expressed on 5th March at her SBS talkshow variety program, “Kim Jung Eun Chocolate” press conference, “I have always been pleading with Lee Seo Jin to appear on my show.”

She added, “Because of some scheduling conflict with the filming of his drama, “Yi San”, he hasn’t decided if he would appear on the show, but I have been pleading with him to. I definitely hope that he would appear on my program.”

Following this news, many fans have been concerned with whether Lee Seo Jin would really appear on “Chocolate”. As he is now busy filming for “Yi San”, it’s not an easy task to to take out time to record a variety program. But it’s understood that Lee Seo Jin eventually did agree to his girlfriend’s request.

Someone close to Lee Seo Jin said, “He has agreed to appear on ‘Chocolate’ and the dates has been fixed.” It’s highly anticipated as to what Lee Seo Jin is going to talk about on his girlfriend’s talkshow.

Kim Jung Eun’s “Chocolate” talkshow will be broadcast on 11th March and there are high expectations on her to do well. With or without Lee Seo Jin, this news is certainly going to spark some interest and create some buzz for the first episode. Kim Jung Eun will have to work hard for the subsequent episodes.

21 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin to appear on his girlfriend, Kim Jung Eun “Chocolate” program

  1. i am an avid fan of kim jung eun since “lovers in paris.” i would like to see her movie “lovers” with lee seo jin. i watch it in you tube. but i want the real thing. they look so cute together.

  2. “lovers” is a very beautiful story, both kim jung eun and lee seo-jin’s acting are so real, especially when they looked each other and kissed each other..wow, its so touching..you will really move by them..as if you will be in loved again!!!

  3. waaah!!!! i just cant get over the two of them…. like ive watch lovers over and over in youtube….. already because like you guys said they so natural and the chemistry is really there…. i had already seen the video on youtube when LSJ serenade her with the COnfession SOng which was the soundtrack o LOVERS…. waaaH!!!!! love them so much….

  4. I really love the couple.. Hope they can make it to the altar. I love them so much..

    Kim can I have LSJ just for an hour…

    Hope I can meet you guys in the future….

    Love you LSJ!

  5. i really-really love this drama!!! their chemistry was very good. they look good together. although LSJ’s character was a gangster, yet he was very sweet & very loving!!! i was surprised & really happy that they were real lovers off-cam. the story was very good. violence was very light. they didn’t even use guns! they only used baseball bats. it was quite unusual when u see them fighting each other. coz of their weapons. coz gangsters are usually very violent people. but it was very good! coz u can only see them injured not dead. although 2 of them died at the end of the story. unlike dramas here in the philippines are very violents & very immature. thats why im wondering why other countries especially asian countries dont want to get any tv drama here in the phils. coz the story was very cheap & actors cant act. they cant even portray the character very well. the acting was very poor & unnatural. anyways, hope LSJ & KJE would end up getting married soon! hehehe…. love u guys & keep up the good work! hope that u will last forever! hope that u will do another drama together! cant wait to see that!!! keep the LOVERS fever alive forever! hehehe

  6. hi!lee seon jin,

    good evening! im your fan, when i saw you on the television i feel so comfortable to you as your fan.

    well anyway, i hope that the “lover” your show, will have a dvd copy,

    i’m from philippines, i hope you reply me.

    this is my email add: shell_0112@yahoo.com

    your fan,


  7. ya heryerde bu kızmı çıkcak karsıma ksıkanıyorum elimde deil ya uf ya ağlamak istiyorum seni seviyorum lee s.j

  8. Hi Lee Sea Jin

    I am from Istanbul,Turkey.

    We have wathed your drama (the wild of the place ) since last december.
    I realy like it.

    Take care


  9. bence han ji ve lee seo çok yakışıyor. kim jung eun’u hiç ama hiç sevmiyorum.kara kedi.lee seo and han ji I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  10. i like YI SAN series so much….and i like LEE SEO JIN.i love you and i respect you…..for me you the best actor and man..my dear KING.

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