Park Myung Soo to tie the knot this month with his girlfriend

According to a “Star News” report today, famous comedian Park Myung Soo will be getting married to his girlfriend who is younger than him by 8 years on 30th March.

The report wrote that the two met each other through friends and started dating in the summer of 2006. They decided to tie the knot after two years of dating.

Park Myung Soo has been trying to book a place and time for his wedding after confirming the date. The location is likely to be at a hotel in Seoul

Last year at the 2007 MBC Television Awards ceremony, after winning the Daesang Award with Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon Jun Ha, Jeon Hyung Dong, No Hong Chul and Haha for “Infinity Challenge”, he had said lovingly, “My girlfriend says that I look better than Jang Dong Gun so I want to give this award to her.”

Park Myung Soo’s girlfriend studied in America and after returning to Korea last year, started working in a hospital in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

In an interview introducing his girlfriend, “She is kind-hearted, smart and dedicated to her work. She often gives me lots of advice and opinion with regards to what I do on television. She is a very understanding woman.”

8 thoughts on “Park Myung Soo to tie the knot this month with his girlfriend

  1. That gunbangjin dak is getting married. I’m happy and sad. I hope he doesn’t lose his edge after marriage. Congratulations Park Myung Soo! It seems like you got yourself a real nice lady.

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