Jung Tae Woo sparks “King and I” ratings improvement

With the entrance of Jung Tae Woo as Yeonsangun in “King and I”, the ratings for the drama has seen an improvement. It had been hovering at an average of 15% and surged to 17.0% with his entry.


According to TNS Media, yesterday episode got a rating of 17.9%. The episode where Jung Tae Woo first appeared was 14.7% and was 17.0% in the following episode. And now another increase of 0.9%. The audience are interested to know how “King and I” portrays the first despotic ruler in Chosun history.

MBC “Yisan” saw a slight decline in its ratings and dropped from its original 31% to 30.2%. KBS “Single Dad in Love” which is caught in the middle of the two history dramas saw its ratings drop even further to just 4.2%.

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