Park Han Byul “grows” into a mature lady in Destiny

Park Han Byul will display her maturing woman instincts in “Destiny” movie.


In movie, Park Han Byul plays a “fragile” woman, “Eun Young who subsequently gets caught up in the emnity between Woo-min (Song Seung Hun), Chul-jung (Kwon Sang Woo),  Young Wan (Ji Sung), Do-wan (Kim In Kwon) and falls into a world she wished she didn’t have.

In contrast to her previous works, Park Han Byul casts away her young girl image as her character is one who shows no emotions and puffing away on a cigarettes, emanating signs of a maturing woman.

Park Han Byul expressed her thoughts on her role, “Through this movie, I hope to experience a new kind of acting.” Park Han Byul dedication to her work wasn’t any poorer than any of her male stars. She often says during filming, “Let’s do it again”, and was nicknamed, “Do it Again” by the crew.

The movie is about the story of the friendship, loyalty and betrayal between four best friends. Movie will be shown in Korean on 20th March 2008.

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