“King and I” ratings improve after infusion of new faces

New faces added to SBS drama, “King and I” has seen its ratings go higher.


According to media research firm, TNS Media Korea, the ratings for episode 54 shown yesterday was 17.0%. (Episode 53 had higher rating of 19.5%)

What was the reason behind this surge? People felt that with the addition of Jung Tae Woo as the adult Yeonsangun plus its intriguing storyline which will be the main focus till the end has sparked interest among viewers.

The episode yesterday was talking about King Seongjong passing away and the adult Yeonsangun making his first appearance in the drama. His charismatic acting won praise from everyone who watched the episode. Other new faces include Yeonsangun desposed wife, Lady Shin (Park Ha Sun) and evil eunuch Kim Ja Won (Kang Jae). How will the storyline progress from here? The viewers including me are interested to know very much how it pans out.

The pacing of the drama has seen a marked improvement in recent weeks and everyone wants to see how Yeonsangun will be portrayed in this since Queen Yoon was very much portrayed as a unfortunate person caught in the politics and sentenced to death. Can’t believe how much bs and crap I had to put through to get to here but I hope it’s well worth my time.

On the other hand, MBC drama, “Yisan” showed that it was still the boss as it obtained a high rating of 30.8%. The other drama in the same timeslot, KBS “Single Dad in Love” got a low rating of just 4.8%.

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