Jo In Sung wrestling on Infinity Challenge

Korean actor Jo In Sung will replace No Hong Chul who was recently admitted to hospital after an assault and join the recording of MBC “Infinity Challenge”.


The program for that day of “Infinity Challenge” recording was wrestling, and No Hong Chul who was still recuperating from his injuries wasn’t able to participate in the program recording. According to one of the PDs, Jeon Jun Ha gave Jo In Sung a call and told him about what had happened and requested for his help. Jo In Sung immediately accepted the offer and said he was somewhere near their filming area and would be there very soon.

The episode Jo In Sung was in was a special wrestling episode in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. That day, Jo In Sung was the last member to enter the ring and took on one member of Korean national team personally. Jo In Sung expressed, “Actually, I was preparing for some martial arts training for my movie today but seeing that there was ample time, I decided to help them. In future, if there is any need, you can just call me and we will see.”

The episode with Jo In Sung will be shown in mid-March. I can foresee another new high rating episode for “Infinity Challenge” coming up very soon.

8 thoughts on “Jo In Sung wrestling on Infinity Challenge

  1. wow…i’m shocked to hear that he would do that…i wish more high profile celebrities would volunteer to join…it’s a fun way for their fans to see their personalities

  2. he’s really cute. can’t wait for this one. and wow that seems like some last minute planning. they didn’t know they’d need a fill-in sooner? how awesome that he was willing to show up on such short notice though!

  3. Wow, that’s a huge change from No Hong Chul.. Jeez, as if Inf. Challenge needs any more viewers… :p

  4. Question! where can I watch infinity challenge episodes that are english subbed? Youtube deleted all the channels where I used to watch 😦

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