Destiny show their star power through movie posters

Five individual movie posters highlighting the main characters from the movie “Destiny” was released recently to the public and got lots of attention.

Song Seung Hun showing some sadness behind his wild appearance.


Kwon Sang Woo oozes vicious, despicable charisma in his first villain role.


Ji Sung eyes are gentle yet sharp. He will be the one torn between the two.


Park Han Byul plays a mature lady but likely to be nothing more than a “vase”.


His ponytail hair and sun-glasses makes Kim In Kwon a fiesty character.


The movie is about the story of the friendship, loyalty and betrayal between four best friends. Movie will be shown in Korean on 20th March 2008.


8 thoughts on “Destiny show their star power through movie posters

  1. i don’t think there will be a definition of a leading lady in this movie anyway. she didn’t even appear in any trailers i saw from the movie!

  2. i agree…the movie will definitely be dominated by the male cast… it’s not so much the “female lead” as it is the “female” in the movie. her role probably won’t be as significant

  3. True, but technically speaking, she’s the “leading” lady, although she does have a teeny role in it, which I’m thankful for…

  4. since Soh Ji Sub is Song Seung Heon’s best friend i hope he too will have a movie or drama series with them…imagine 3 korea’s hearthrobs in one picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! fans will be thrilled to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @snoopy, that would be a fantasy, imagine what the movie budget could be just by hiring the three of them.

  6. @ snoopy….same with me….sojisub+song seung heo+kwong sang woo…….definitely the movie /drama top in the year….
    because everyone has a fan…and for sure BUDGET….those dude are great…..

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