“Robber” ends on a whimper; SBS counting on “On Air” for success

The finale episode of SBS drama, “Robber” aired on 28th February but it didn’t see any improvement and ended with a single digit rating in the end.

According to media research firm, AGB Nielsen, the final rating for “Robber” only got 5.3% and was noticeably worse than it’s opening episode rating of 7%. Before airing, it got the attention of many viewers (including me) with its pairing of Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae. But the melodramatic and cliched storyline turned off many viewers (me included) and saw its ratings decline with each episode.

SBS will broadcast their new drama, “On Air” next week for its Wed-Thus slot and hope that it will help re-establish its reputation. The storyline offer exclusive behind-the-scenes view of how Korean dramas are made from start to finish.

It will have a stellar established cast of Park Yong Ha, Lee Bum Soo, Song Yoon Ah and Kim Ha Neul plus cameo appearances by queen of Cannes Jeon Do Yeon, K-pop diva Lee Hyo Ri, Kang Hae Jung, Uhm Ji Won, Kim Min-jun, K-pop group F.T. Island, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Seo Jin and possibly even more.

[drama 2008] On-air 온에어

High expectations to do well with its interesting storyline and impressive cast!

3 thoughts on ““Robber” ends on a whimper; SBS counting on “On Air” for success

  1. sad sad sad 😦

    i reeeeeally hope lee da hae comes back with an awesome project next time…no more melodrama! >_<

  2. whaaaattt??!!!….I thought Robber was very good….Lee Da Hae’s acting was very good considering it was something different than she usualy does..the cast was great!…well, I guess that’s only me cuz the rating is only in the single digits…. >.<

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