Police divulging information to protect Edison? 8 daughters from wealthy families implicated

Despite the lack of photos/videos leaked by “Kira”, the nude photo scandal has been kept going these past few days thanks to police leaking information about starlets implicated to the various Hong Kong magazines.

The latest shocking relevation do not involve female starlets but the names of 8 daughters from wealthy families who have been thrown into the mix as well! 

This shocking scoop was published in the latest copy of Next Magazine as they also list the characteristics and described the 8 women linked with Edison.

Born in the family as the 3rd generation. Looks demure but extremely playful. If possible, you will see her at parties. Although still quite young, she often brings her boyfriends back to hotels and play till early morning. Her attitude towards making friends is extremely open.

Thanks to her bosomy figure, she has become a live advertising board for the company. She would always get a personal invitation from Edison to parties. But the two of them are just together for a fling because she already has a foreigner boyfriend already.

Widely acknowledged to have the best looks and figure among the rich girls. Already has her own management company at a young age. Looks pure on the outside but her private life doesn’t quite match up to it.

Has a pretty step-mom. Although very young, she has a very open attitude. Never fails to show her cleavage or bare back at events.

Looks cool on the outside but is often seen at parties and gatherings. Low profile but still playful likewise. Has a liking for smoking and alcohol.

Was the girlfriend of some 二世祖 a few years back. Caught partying hard with 防腐歌手 recently and was hailed by the other party as his “brother”.

Studied overseas, has a rebellious character. Loves to doll herself up. Was rumoured to be a lesbian, loves to put intimate photos on her blog for all to see.

Returned to Hong Kong after graduating overseas for over a year. Does nothing much and usually hangs around Lan Kwai Fong or go shopping at branded shops. Highest record was dating six boyfriends at one go.

Many have chided the police for making the scandal look even worse day by day. But some have come to understand that by divulging these information, they are actually protecting Edison and lessening the pressure on him.

The police are indirectly saying that many people have come to known the identities of those implicated in these. So if anyone of them dares to make a move on Edison, then they would not be let off easily.

16 thoughts on “Police divulging information to protect Edison? 8 daughters from wealthy families implicated

  1. shouldn’t the police stop the media from spreading “rumours”?

    the media is making things much much worse and it will hinder the process of the case.

  2. Cindy, you are almost as stupid as me. The POLICE is leaking information to the media, not the other way around. The Media can’t make it any worse than what the Police are doing.

    I’m a dirty whore and love to suck edc cock and my dog DJ. what! That’s right i’m from the west.

  3. how does this protect him? if he comes up short of a limb or his manhood, it’ll be the hitman connected to family paid by these 8 trophy gals?

  4. Hong Kong Society is stupid and dump as fuck. I agree the West will always gonna be more superior than the East, why? because Hong Kong citizens are still very old fashion. No matter how hard they try to try to assimulate the West. Hong Kong citizens is such a loser.

  5. “superior than the East, why? because Hong Kong citizens are still very old fashion”

    I don’t see how thats related.

    Do you even understand what does it mean by “Superior”?

  6. I dont know how divulging all this info if going to help. if i was one of those girls id be on his head like a ton of bricks. by making it harder on the girls isnt that putting more pressure on him?
    On the other hand… since im not one of the girls, i can dream of what hes going through.

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