Park Min Young Pictorial Press Conference Interview

Many gathered at W Seoul Walkerhill hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on 28th February. This was because cute and adorable actress, Park Min Young was holding a press conference for her pictorial shots. She wore black shorts and a white shirt, showing us her new maturity. Let us now learn more about her…  


Interview: Park Min Young
“Hello everyone. I’m Park Min Young. Long time no see.”

She has been taking an extended rest since finishing filming, “I Am Sam”. She remakes her return today in good spirits with her new pictorial.

How did you feel when you were being photographed…?
I thought it was a pretty interesting assignment when this pictorial was being mentioned. But when I actually got to it, I realised that acting is pretty much what I wanted to do most instead. But I put effort into this and the result was pretty satisfactory, so I was very happy.

We understand that, part of the pictorial was done in Pattaya, Thailand.

What has left a deep impression on you from this trip to Thailand?
Before I went there, I heard that the weather was very cold back then. But even though it was considered cold, it was still hot to me. So it felt very warmth to visit Thailand during the cold winter season. Compared to the pictorial taking, the trip was like an enjoyable vacation for me.

The essence of the pictorial was inspired by Madonna’s documentary, “Truth or Dare”, blending purity and daring together.

Describe to us two sides of you…?
Humans usually don’t just possess one color of their own. No matter what, we must show to everyone an image that is befitting of our age. And to be able to do that, I’m very happy.

She went to the beaches of Pattaya and also used Bangkok skyscrapers as the backdrops. No matter where she went, the locals was super curious about her.

Heard that you got lots of attention from the locals…?
The locals all called me “sewei”. I didn’t know what the meaning was until later when I learnt that it meant beautiful. Now I am considering striking out in Thailand…Heard that the people there likes Korean girls very much. 

Although she is releasing her pictorial at a time where other female stars are doing the same thing, but the charisma coming out from her is simply unique.

Park Min Young sshi, what’s special about your pictorial?
It isn’t very revealing. Will it be less competitive? But this is an excellent piece of work. I never specially go and create special poses for this. So my pictorial is the most natural!! Totally no posing.

From a blur young girl to a mature lady, Park Min Young has shown herself to be someone with many different kinds of charisma. Full of anticipation for her.

Say something to your fans…?
I finished the photoshoot and returned in a happy mood. Hope that everyone will continue to love and anticipate my performance. I will soon return to my role as an actress and see everyone again with a new drama. Hope that everyone won’t forget me then and everyone please stay healthy and happy. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Park Min Young Pictorial Press Conference Interview

  1. Park min Young did have plastic surgery.
    Look at this before and after picture taken from a forum:

  2. It is very easy to spot her “fakest” feature.
    Look at her EYES!! No koreans are born with eyes that friggin HUGE!!

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