Bypass Megaupload Country Slots Limit

More often than not, uploaders love to share files by using Megaupload because it stores files for very long and works very fast. But for most of us, we hate it because we always see the following.

All download slots assigned to your country (whatever) are currently in use. Please try again in a few hours or install the Megaupload Toolbar for immediate access – with the toolbar installed, there are no more slot limitations for you!

DO NOT install the toolbar, it’s the gateway for trojans and adware/spyware.

Here’s how to download from Megaupload when all the country slots are full:

Step 1: Use firefox, won’t work in IE. Click here to get it
Step 2: Install greasemonkey firefox extension
Step 3: Make sure the extension is activated
Step 4: click on Megaupload script to install the script into Greasemonkey
Step 5: Go to to initialise the script

You’re all set, you don’t have anymore country restrictions.
Click on a megaupload download link to test it.

8 thoughts on “Bypass Megaupload Country Slots Limit

  1. hmm I can do download without getting that message and activating the script. Works for me 100% of the time. I just have to wait like 40 secs.

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  3. hi! how do i activate the greasemonkey extensions? i already downloaded all the stuffs u asked. 🙂 thx

  4. ^coolsmurf.sorry again.

    i’ve tried downloading the big bang haru haru MV but still it says downloading limit exceeded. oddohge??

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