Korean version Hanayori Dango set to charm in 2008

Following the mega popularity of Meteor Garden first in Taiwan back in 2001 and then subsequently Hanayori Dango in Japan in recent years, Korea is also set to have its very own version of Meteor Garden in 2008.

Popular Japanese anime, Hanayori Dango will be adapated into a Korean drama. The Taiwanese and Japanese version of the television drama has achieved phenomenal ratings during its run and the Japanese version which was shown on cable television achieved pretty good ratings and earning lots of fans in the process. The company which will be producing this is Group Eight whose previous works were Goong S: Prince Hours and Fantasy Couple. The Japanese rights holder decided to work with Group Eight after learning about it’s production capability after viewing Goong S.

By releasing this exciting news first, Group Eight has created lots of anticipation and hype over who will be taking the roles ahead of the actual casting. Many netizens in fact are already posting and discussing furiously over who their ideal cast should be since the news broke yesterday.

With regards to the Korean F4, the production team revealed, “We will be choosing based on their similarities with the anime characters. We won’t be choosing based on how popular or how well-known they are.” The Korean version of Hanayori Dango is set at 24 episodes, each clocking in at 70 minutes and will be shown on television in the latter part of 2008.

The following are early picks by fans since the news broke:

Makino Tsukushi/杉菜
1. Yoon Eun Hye
2. Goo Hye Sun
3. Sung Yuri
4. Moon Geun Young
5. Go Ah Ra
6. Kim Ok Bin
7. Lee Yeon Hee
8. Park Min Young
9. Jeon Ryeo Won
10. Lee Ha Na
11. Han Ji Min

Doumyouji Tsukasa/道明寺
1. Jo In Sung
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Lee Dong Gun
4. Jang Hyuk
5. Hyun Bin
6. Joo Ji Hoon
7. Lee Dong Gook

Hanazawa Rui/花泽类
1. Im Joo Hwan
2. Choi Si Won
3. Jang Geun Seuk
4. Kim Hee Chul
5. Kim Kibum
6. Han Kyung
7. Lee Hong Gi

I personally feel that it would be hard to assemble a cast of well-knowns since their schedules would definitely clash. As long as the person picked isn’t too “old” for the role since it’s a school setting drama, I would be ok with it.

152 thoughts on “Korean version Hanayori Dango set to charm in 2008

  1. another HYD..hm. idunno.
    YEH <3, but her and group 8 = not so good history, right??
    dunno if I’ll watch this one. I’ve only watched the japanese version, actually. hahah

  2. it will be uber nice if its YEH. but yup her relationship with Group 8 is nott nice.. but im still keeping my fingers crossed. it will be nice if its YEH!

    but some of the people for Doumyouji is too old to be in High School no? but i think Kang Dong Won is such a hottie and will be purrfect. with Si Won. ^^

  3. Exaaactly…Please look the age or else it would just be awkward. I wouldn’t mind watching Goo Hye Sun in the role!

  4. i wAnt kiM junG hOOn 2 plAy sum roLes in thE show..his lOOks are suiteD 4 a high scHool s2dent though he iS qUite olD alreadY..hehe…

  5. omg that’s SO COOL!! As mch as I love YEH I can’t really see her playing Makino Tsukushi =S but I can totally see Kang Dong Won fitting a Doumyouji type! Choi Si Won is abit young considering the other prospective actors.. thanks for the news =D

  6. Lol.. All the good actors are a bit too old to play high school.. I think they’ll pick a famous cast. More rather than good actors..

  7. Goo Hye Sun is too pretty to play the role… I think people sometimes forget that the main character is NOT attractive. I know you can’t cast an ugly actress as the lead but I contend Goo is too pretty. YEH is a decent possibility (not that she’s unattractive) but she’s getting kind of old for that role too. There’s gotta be a plethra of young trainees that can take this role.

    Obviously not going to happen, nor even the best choice, but it’d be funny to see a Wonder Girl play the lead.

  8. for i think YEH fit for makino role…
    for domyouji… i’ll with jo in sung, he just somehow, resembles with the role, with acting in memories of bali, acting stupid and all,
    for hanazawa rui, i’ll go for Im Joo Hwan, i think he’s quite timid? like the role of rui,

    let’s see, this better to be good, because i love the japanese version of HYD!!!

  9. im so sick of seeing YEH.. some fresh face please?

    i wouldn’t mind SIWON as rui. he kinda suits the role.

    just dont freaking put YEH into it. really.

  10. Where did that image come from? Is there an official site for the company, an official announcement page, or a link to a news site that reports this development? Everywhere I look just links back to this site 🙂

  11. WOW, well I would certainly want YEH to do it but for the guys….IDK, i’m not too sure about the guys……YEH YEH YEH goooooo!!!!!!!!!! I want her to be in it!!!!

  12. I also heard that the Philippines is also planning to have its version of meteor garden. Well, it really suggest how popular meteor garden was that almost all asian countries want to have its own version.lol

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  14. i think Top from big bang fits the character of Doumyouji Tsukasa, he has the bad guy look n not to forget that he is hot! n he is young…
    for Makino Tsukushi, YEH would be great!
    if top was there i think the whole big bang should be there too!

  15. lee ji ah frm the legend maybe fit 2. She has those comical face. Rain can fit well as arrogant teenager, he did well in full house n lee min ki can do rui. He did well as mysterious person in oh dah jal spring. But all of this i chose im soo jung, so ji sub n kang dong wan . I know they kinda old

  16. ohmigosh…cant wait..could be niceif the characters wer of dbsk or suju but theyr busy arnt they???

    too bad…

    as for the female lead—princess hours girl would be a gud choice!!

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  18. Personally, i think YEH’s voice is annoying as hell. i love her, but she has to go to some speaking classes.
    plus, she’s too old.
    and i would be shocked if any of those people accepted because A) most are a-list and B) they’re a-list.

  19. i THInk they shOuld hire a casT that’s sTill youNg,like any of the memBers of SuPer juniors,dbsk,ft islaNd., biGbang.aNd if they hire any of thiS ppol I’Ll totAlly watCh the Korean versioN!!

    as for the female leAd i’ll go with go ah Rah. she’s youNg ang PretTy..

  20. OMFG That is SO AWESOME! siwon, hankyung, kibum, AND heechul are all possible candidates for HANAZAWA RUI!!! THE HOTTEST CHARACTERRRR XD OMFG YAY hopefully they get it so i will be motivated to watch the drama since the japanese one ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF don’t no if this one will be as good… well i’m guessing its not really an official pic but that’s cool. Please keep posting news about the drama in the super junior community XD i wanna see more of it.

  21. Well I think that yoon eun hye should be in a drama where a NEW plot and story line have been created .. should be interesting too. I mean most of us have already seen soo many versions of Hana Yori Dango, and Yoon Eun hYe should take a rest EVEN THOUGH I WANNA C HER SOOOO freaking bad.
    AND yoon eun hye is NOT freaking old… 24 is not old… err i kno shes in her 20s .. and thats not OLD!!!

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  23. I think yoon eun hye woud be perfect as makino. she has a babyface and could pass as a high school student.
    i like hwan hee as rui and rain as doumyji.

  24. I want to see some new actors not just some talented big name stars. HYD Korean version should have young actors not just some late 20something year olds who are trying to be teen stars. Time for new fame for some new stars.

  25. lol, i’d love to see Hyun Bin as Tsukasa and Kim Hee Chul as Rui, he’ll be the weirdest Rui ever xD
    but for Tsukushi, none of the ladies in the list seems to meet the requirement. I hope Yoon Eun Hye won’t be in this drama since most of her roles are similar to this role. It’s just boring anyway.
    I wonder how about the other two in F4?

  26. i’m really hoping that TVXQ will be casted as 4 leads; Jaejoong as Hanazawa and Yunho will be Domyouji, and I’m choosing between Bae Sul-Gi and BoA. They really look cute with the characters.
    But base on your picks…I prefer Cho In sung, hopefully Ha jiWoon will be Tsukushi. They’re cute together, promise!
    I would love to see Super Junior members as well…
    good Luck Korean version. I’ve been waiting for this since then…

  27. woah~
    korean version of HYD!!!
    oh how i wish that the new f4 will have TVXQ members..

    but they’re too busy nowadays to even film a drama like that.

  28. OMG let it be Yoon Eun Hye!!!! then its a guarantee it will not suck!! GAAAAAH.. it’d be so awesome if she plays the role OH PLEASE!

  29. oh WOW rain! he can be domyougi! even though he’s a bit too old but i think HE’S PERFECT.. then again Yoon Eun Hye and Rain probz wont look good together.. lol

  30. Hyun Bin should not even make it to the list, because this is a highschool drama for crying outloud!

    Those SuJu boys are more fit for roles like this. Though, honestly speaking, I am more looking forward for new faces. I think remake series are better for new faces rather than established actors for several reasons:
    (1) This is the 3rd (THIRD) remake of the same story.
    (2) The roles are not challenging. I would think that probably no established actors would be tempted to even try to audition for this (come on, we all who have watched the two versions, must admit that the characters cannot be explored further than what have been laid out there).
    (3) This is just another attempt to make the final profit squeeze out of the last blood drop from HYD.

  31. my take is it should be a good choice for tsukushi makino … although your list post as good looking and young actress none of them still strike me as tsukushi makino…

    although we can assign the lots of veterans to play the role it should be matched as well to who will play the role of tsukushi.

    i have checked some of the guys on the list and for me the following suits my taste as follows:

    Choi Si Won – for the role of mimasaka akira in the jdo or mei zuo in the taiwan version. combining the two characters will be a giving a highly confident, show off in his talents and since i’ve since this kid in spring waltz and i like him. he could be funny and endearing in his portrayal. i didn’t like the actor who played this role in the jdo but loved vanness wu for MG1.

    Kim Kibum – for the role of soujiro nishikado. in the jdo i like matsuda since he was really good looking and fit the character well. in the taiwan version ken zhu who played xi men zhong er lang was just fit for the role of a playboy but a gentleman at heart showing deep feeling for tsukushi’s best friend. I like how the taiwan version giving some highlight on this love angle.

    Kim Hee Chul – for hanazawa rui. i chose him for his eyes. i am not familiar with how he acts though. originally i would have chosen ji hoon of goong to play the role but he has far moved on to more serious roles that i don’t think i’d like to see him do this kind of stuff anymore. the role of rui played by Vic Zhou was more striking for me. Since the character showed more intense character without being loud like doumyouji.

    Lee Hong Gi – for doumyouji tsukasa. His physical attributes shows real ‘con’ type of guy. If his role demands for it like how the manga was written, it wouldn’t be too off to see this kid talking loudly and giving a heard time to tsukushi makino. he fits the profile by way of his looks. I just hope he will be much more good looking than jun matsumoto or even more endearingly looking than jerry yan on some of the scenes where doumyouji had to show his soft side.

    although the plot takes on young kids on their early 20’s it still demand a lot from the actors to act well.

    besides Choi Si Won , i haven’t really watched the rest in their speaking voice. I sure wouldn’t want actors playing any of the four roles with voices like a squeeking rubber duckie or a croaking frog. I’d like to hear voices like bae yeong joon, ji hoon, eric mun or lee jun ki because having good looks is not enough to play the role for me but also a totally perfect representation of the characters i so long to watch again.

    my idea of tsukushi makino should be not so overtly pretty not so ruggedly either but a totally hybernating allure masked in a brave headstrong girl like that of Barbie Xu when she played the role in MG. It’s too hard to get that kind of makino i think in korean starts that i’ve watched so far because i regard most of the female stars to be very pretty and extremely feminine looking however they’re packaged.

  32. OMG!!!! i Love HYD, so i really REALLY REALLY wait for this dramaaaaa…
    but IN MY OPINION, dont use the female artist who’s already oLd enough to play in this drama (it’s a high school story, right???!!)
    in MY OPINION, MOON GEUN YOON will suit on makino tsukushi, as we know that she just finish her edu in high school…

  33. Omgshh.. i ithnk it would bee reeally col if it was yoon eun hye, hyun bin, and kim kibum !! but yoon eun hye doesnt seem like the girl for it.. i mean.. she doesnt reeally suit ‘Tsukushi’ .. idk.. but she did play a semi-poor girl in Goong.. Soo idunno.. or maybe Lee Ha Na.. shes pretty funny.. Lols ^__^ YAY !! CANT WAIT !!~

  34. though i dont support the idea of having korean version hyd,
    since yeh might have a chance to take up the role for makino,
    i dont mind watching.

    as for domouji role,
    i think hyun bin is the better choice as compared with ju ji hoon .

  35. hello…

    the best main cast for F4 korean for Makino Tsukushi is YOON EUN HYE she is so funny,i loves the way she act in Goong,vineyard man and coffee prince… i love her…
    here in the Philippines she is the best nothing compares to her…
    for Doumyouji Tsukasa is kim joong kook (hehehe) hyun bin is the best for the character and for Hanazawa Rui is gong yoo if he is out in the army or Joo Ji Hoon

    please pick the best ok…?

    thank you

  36. No, not YEH….. she’s getting too old for this….. well.. not old.. but I want to see fresh faces…. her face is getting annoying to look at. as you can tell I don’t like her that much. I think they should just get a brand new actress to play the role… it would feel fresh. but I’d love it if a super junior member got to play hanazawa rui.

  37. Sandara Park can play the role of Makino, since she is already an actress in the php. Big stars like Eun Hye, Go Ah Ra, etc. can’t, because of their schedules.

  38. The role 4 makinu suits 4 SONG HYE KYO coz her fanz(specialy me lol) realy miz her so much 2 see again on korean dramas also see d0esnt look old her face is always fresh lyk a highschool student and 4 d role of tsukasa itz better 4 RAIN c0z he lookz serious and he’s also cute and his face is n0t that old. Make a gud choice guys like what i suggestd..tnxtnx labya korea

  39. aren’t half of the picks listed too OLD to play e characters???

    as I was going down e list, I was thinking.. old, old, old, even older, old, omg old, don’t the fans have half a brain cell of common sense?

  40. Jo in Sung, He’s Face, do look like a bad guy..though i think his over all look doesn’t fit the role..Hyun Bin, he’s cute..yah.but i don’t see him as domyouji…so my Vote goes to kang Dong Won..i have seen his movie temptation of the wolves, and he’s like the a hearth rob bad boy type, who is also nice…well. when i think of it, he was like domyouji..he’s really handsome..

  41. i’m so happy that korea had made their version of meteor garden. i really love the taiwanese version of it.pls let tsukushi makino play by yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon as doumyouji tsukasa plssssssssssssss…plsssssssssss.. arigato.. salamat ..thank you….

  42. i wish that tsukasa will be portraying by Kang Dong Won…. i really love him… with his looks and a kind of charisma and the way he acts naturally….. it will really fit him

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  44. whoa! this would really be one of the best hits this year.. 🙂 whoever will play the F4 and tsukushi, for sure they will be so great… 🙂 two thumbs up..

  45. owwh ..yeaaa im freakin’ excited
    about this HDD korean version
    i hope eun hye ..got the role of makino
    she fits for the role

    and i hope kibum will be hanazawa!!
    that guyyyy is so cute..,!!

  46. For Makino Tsukushi…I m sure its yoon eun hye.. It even says in wikipedia but dunno abt other all of them looks sooo good…

  47. I’m a big fan of Eun Hye! Hopefully she will be the one to play Makino. It will be nice!

  48. wow! this blog seemed to be so popular eh… heehhe… well i saw the pics… i think hyun bin would do great! he looks like the main character.. hehe… hyun bin was the lead actor in kim sam soon right? and tied with eric mun of shinhwa in best newcomer award am i right? eheh anyways i just hope the girl lead character would be pretty yet tough… heeh taiwan f4 made it here in the philippines… they were so popular! i think they are still popular here esp jerry yan… hehe… as for the next lead actor havent seen the pics of nominees but i hope he’ll be good looking and good in keeping his emotions…

  49. it would be nice too watch yoon eun hye and joo hi hoon again in another series/drama because i did not see them for such a long time and i’m sure,a lot of people would want to see them again.,it’s so sad that the sequel for princess hours did not push through because group 8 and eight peaks were fighting because of legal reasons.,and so i really wish they’ll cast both YOON EUN HYE and JOO JI HOON in that series.,

  50. i want to see
    i hope they’ll star in the korean version (“,)

  51. yes i agree.,
    i hope to see the Goong royal couple again in this series.
    i really loved them both…

  52. well…for tsukasa i think it will fit T.O.P of bigbang because of his looks……hehehehe..and a bad boy attitude….bleh

  53. well…for tsukasa i think it will fit T.O.P of bigbang because of his looks……hehehehe..and a bad boy presence….bleh

  54. I knew about a korean version but not about the thought of the cast.
    Hmm it seems interesting but i would really like some new faces to come or some not enough recognized actors.. like… Kim Jae Wook for Domyouji.. lol it’s the only name i have in mind..
    Like you said, young faces and i’ll also be ok with it..
    As for Makino.. hmmm Eunnie would fit.. hmmm i don’t know.. xP
    By the way nice website !

  55. The casting role who played Hanazawa Rui/花泽类 is Kim Hyun Joong from SS501!! ^^


    I can’t for him to act on this drama!! ^0^

  56. i think Yoon Eun Hye would make a perfect candidate. i can already imagine her in that role. LOL.

  57. i’m sure yoon eun hye will get the role as makino in hanna yori dango……..
    congratz! in advance eun hye my idol……….

  58. i hope that KIM KI-BUM will get the role of HANAZAWA RUI instead of Kim Hyun-joong.
    i’m a fan of HEECHUL oppa but, i don’t think that he fits the character of RUI.

    he should be DOMYOUJI. i think it suits him well.!~ ^^

  59. I can’t wait to know who has the role for Tsukushi, Tsukasa, Rui, Akira, & Seishiro. Who ever those will be, I hope they fit their role. For the boys, they must be tall, look arogant & rich, and of course handsome. For Tsukasa, Akira, & Seishiro, they gotta have a nice body. Not to big, but bot to skinny as well. For Rui, he gotta have slimmer body then those three. For the tsukushi role, I hope she will be a skinny girl, so she can fit the “poor girl” role. That’s all. Can wait to see this drama, too.I’m a big fan of Hana Yori Dango.

  60. well i hope that yoon eun hye will be the next tsukushi makino in the koren version hana yori dango & shes tzukaza is joo ji hoon,ohh…i love it,im sure that this manga series will hit hir in the phillipes,not only hir but in the whole country eheheh!

  61. Lee Min Ki as Domyoji!! I like his acting in Dalja’s Spring.. he can be that aggressive, passionate & dogmatic Domyoji! I can see him in this character~

  62. i heard hyun joong from ss501 got picked to play Hanazawa rui…

    i hope park ming young or Yoon eun hye play Makino

    T.O.P for Domyoji!!!

    omo omo T.O.P looks hot when hes angry!

  63. i would like yoon eun hype to play the role of makino coz she young and gorgeous for the guy i dont know they kind of look old no offence

  64. omg!!!!!!!!! i hope hong gi will be rui hanazawa,…but whoever will be the leading acyors,… i’ll still love and watch it…

  65. moon geun young for makino and cho in sung for doumyuji. im sorry to say it but im sick of yoon eun hye.another face pls. 😀

  66. OMY OMY!

    as in before he goes to his military service i wish i could see him in this drama.
    hes not too old.
    he won a best actor right.
    so i wish he gets the main role.

  67. 0_0 i actually want 2 see this….. i’ve only seen the japanese version…. i hope sum1 from suju gets a role in this….. i’ve heard sum1 from ss501 is getting the role… it would be cool if sum1 from shinee played the little bro…. CANT WAIT 2 C THIS!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  68. Hyun Bin is very good as Tsukasa Domyoji and Lee Da Hae as Tsukushi Makino. Many Filipinos are favor with Hyun Bin an d Lee Da Hae. pls. make our wish come true.

  69. my friend heard that big bang were gonna play F4 , TOP was gonna be domyouji < lol sorri if its wrong spelling
    and G-dragon was gonna be Rui im not sure if this is true

    but like she showed me picks of TOP AND G-dragon as the characters so im not sure…

    yoon eun hye should be makino she would soo suit it 🙂

  70. first to cast!!!
    priority to cast!!!

    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!
    MAKINO – YEH!!!

  71. i think yoon eun hye is the best pick for makino’s role….shes young fresh and definitely talented…..

    for rui hanasawa….i think kim jeong hoon will fit the role
    they look good together…..

  72. Omg, Yoon Eun Hye MUST be cast as Makino Tsukushi !
    She’s the only one who can pull off the role, in
    my opinion !
    As for Doumyouji Tsukasa & Hanazawa Rui, I have no clue ~

    @WONDERBANG, I heard that too ;D

    Anyways, CAST YEH, please !
    If she isn’t, I will protest lols.

  73. I think Koh Ah Ra would be perfect for Makino. She’s pretty, but she can also act stubborn (like in the drama Who Are You?). Even though I like YEH she seems too old for the role, plus she was already in Goong and Coffee Prince so it would be kind of boring to use the same actress for so many dramas! Haha i have no clue about domyouji and hanazawa rui but i definitely think hankyung from suju would be good as one of domyouji’s friends…cuz i remember one of them could speak chinese, and since hankyung himself is chinese, that would be pretty cool…lol i dunno…but i am SOOO excited for this drama!!

  74. i heard that kim hyunjoong is casted to play Hanazawa Rui? not sure if it’s true though .. because i also read another article saying that it’s not official yet because they’re not sure if it can fit his busy schedual?

  75. Makino = Yoon Eun Hye
    Doumyouji = Jo In Sung
    Rui = Choi Si Won

    Not sure about the chemistry between In Sung and Eun Hye…I would put down Joo Ji Hoon as Doumyouji…but I can’t picture him doing idiotic things as Doumyouji!! 🙂

  76. i think maybe this may be good..
    but let’s hope that it would have something different from the other two…
    i want to see the main plot and events followed as based on the manga but still see something different in it that would set it apart from the other two drama versions of this manga…

    hope to wathc it here!!

  77. i just hope they take their time in choosing the korean F4 so that they would really choose the best people to portray the characters.

    we want good actors, not just guys with cute faces cos at the end of the day, comparison between the different versions is unevitable and we don’t want the korean version to suck ne?

  78. OKAY.
    So Corea shall attempt HYD? Huh, to make this work they’re going to need two ingredients: half famous, half-unknown cast and a truly beautiful actors and actresses.

    I really think that having an all-star cast would be an idea…Yeah, we’d love them to be hot but not all hotties can act and at the end of the day HYD Japan is the one that they’re going to be compared to…and the cast of HYDJapan were freaking amazing and believable and funny.

    So hotness and being famous is NOT going to do it for them.

    I’m also really tired of YEH – she would be good but I’m tired of hearing about her and seeing her. A completely new actress would be good for this.

    That aside, if the people were to be famous this is the line up I would love to see.

    Makino – Go Ah Ra based on looks alone.

    Doumyoji – Lee Min Ki
    Someone mentioned him as lead a while ago and it’s been percolating in my mind – I think he has potential to pull it off as well as long as they make him look young. I think his role SHOULD be someone really famous and popular.
    Jung Kyung Ho I could also see being a kind of cracky ditzy violent ruler of the school. But I don’t know if he can carry the show.

    Domyouji’s older sister – I can totally see Kim Sun Ah in a tough role but could she pull off classy too? I can also see Lee Yoon Mi or Park Si Yeon.

    Rui – HyunJoong if he can act but otherwise Lee Ki Woo. He should also probs be someone really famous. Everyone besides him and Doumyouji can be whatever.

    Soujiro – I’m not a big SuJu fan but for the role of a player I really REALLY think that Hee-Chul could pull it off. That cockiness would so do it. On hotness alone, Kang Kyung Joo could also do it – imagine him in a suit…*drools*

    Akira – Choi Shi Won (I really am not a suju fan but he’s such a gentleman that this would be good). HanKyung too could do this but an older-lady killer Jung Gyu Woon’s looks would do it.

    Toudou Shizuka – Han Eun Jung or Jung Ryu Won

    Huh. HYDJ is the best so let’s pray than come close to that…

  79. how bout hee chul as makino??? hehe..just joking…i luv heechul..=)

    well… heechul is very..pretty…with his long red hair before….(^__^;

    they should get cute/adorable young guyz..hehe..or boyband kind of boyz..(??)..hehe.. (??)

    who ever get the roles, can’t wait to watch the korean drama version…im soo..gonnaa..watch it…cause i’ve watch the taiwan and japan version religiosly.and i still like it…the story itself..is already a household name..golly..(who ever doesn’t know the story is freakin’ behind civilization….hahaha)…..^__^`

  80. I think jang geun suk is the perfect hanazawa rui but i wouldn’t mind hongki being it either this is getting me sooo freaking excited and for domyoji it should be jo in sung becaus ei think he can handle this great role super well hehehe

  81. it’ll much be better and the rating will be higher if YEH will be makino…..
    cause it suits her to be the character of makino…..
    she’s not old, and she doesn’t look old…..
    and she’s good in acting, she’s pretty and she has the perfect body…..

    idc what you guys think about YEH but i vote for her as makino…..
    if i can i’ll do a petition for this one….


  83. awsome..im really looking forward to this..i loved HYD jap version and Meteor Garden..but like everyone else is saying i just hope they pick characters that “fit” some of these people mentioned are too old to play high school students in my opinion..but Lee HonGi would be perfect i think ^_^ perfect age hehe

  84. for me Jo In Sung is so old looking…not the correct person. Lee Min Ki is a good choice as he is damn young. Lee Dong Wook too

  85. TOP of Big Bang – Will be Doumyouji Tsukasa
    Go Ara – will be Makino Tsukushi
    Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 – will be HANAZAWA RUI

  86. i like TOP being domyouji tsukasa… n i think Yoon Eun Hye is perfect for makino tsukushi… but they somehow don’t look good together….

  87. I’ve seen all of the Meteor Garden series & seen Hana Yori Dango, i can’t wait for the Korean Version!

    Joo Ji Hoon for Domoyoji
    Yoon Eun Hye for Makino

  88. omo! i wanna see the korean version of this!!

    damyouji = heechul

    his teemper~

    makino = somebody that’s young

    moon geun young

    her prettyness

    rui = any korean boyband that i like i prefer donghae
    because he kinda look like kim jeong hoon from

    can’t waaait to watch this!♥

  89. OMGG!!
    cant wait for it to come out[:

    i think that the main chara. shall be
    1.shin dong wook
    2.hyun bin
    3.lee junki

    the main grl
    1.sung yuri
    2.lee da hae
    3.park shin hye

  90. – Tsukushi: Han Ji Min and Yoon Eun Hye is the both best with a lovely face, I prefer Han Ji Min ^^! although Yoon Eun Hye is more famous.
    – Tsukasha: difficult choice >….<? Jo In Sung he fits for all Yoon Eun Hye or Han Ji Min ^^!
    – Hanazawa Rui ;)) :)) will be :)) Jang Geun Seuk he has a cool face and i think he’s the most like Hanaza Rui

  91. the cast of hana yori dango korean version is..

    Kim Bum, Kim Hye Sun , Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, Lee Min Ho

  92. Well personally i think that it doenst really matter but as long as they do act accordingly to what theyre supposed to O_O I mean of course having a lead actrees looking old for ahigh school would just be plain weird and it wouldnt hurt to get some new characters yeah? I mean we all know these people are famous and good looking and all but how about introducing some new young ones? They might actually do prettygood you know…give them a chance and maybe theyll shine soon having the same old characters from well known movies and dramas, etc are just…plain boring in my opinion O_O Get some good people at least -_-

  93. well im looking forward for this hana yori dango so im hoping this will be a wonderful series… i really love the japanese version of the hana yori especially when jun matsomoto bacome Doumyouji Tsukasa i really admire him so im hoping the next Tsukasa will be as gorgeous, talented and as hunk as him…


  94. i think it’s good if yoon eun hye or Moon Geun Young or Goo Hye Sun play the rolled of tsukusha makino.
    and for Doumyouji Tsukasa maybe hyum bin.

  95. Pingback: Korean Hana-Dan 꽃보다 남자 « Eraser In My Head

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