Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young romance in the open

Korean entertainment industry sees another celebrity couple being born. According to the Korean media, actress Lee Bo Young was spotted secretly dating Ji Sung inside his car. Even more shocking was that the both of them had already been dating from October last year.

Ji Sung who have just wrapped up filming his drama, “New Heart” would drive his car to somewhere near Lee Bo Young’s house every Thursday (break from filming) and date her in private inside his car. Yesterday night, the Korean media finally got what they have been waiting for, Lee Bo Young getting into Ji Sung’s car and dating each other. The day before was Ji Sung’s birthday and Lee Bo Young prepared a present for him. To thank her, Ji Sung replied with a light kiss.

The romance was confirmed after they were spotted together for three weeks in a row enjoying a sweet date in Ji Sung’s car.

With regards to their romance, Lee’s management company replied, “Both of them have a liking for each other and we know that they are dating and hope it progresses smoothly.” Ji Sung’s management company replied, “We never knew that the both of them dated and after learning about this through the media, we have been trying to contact Ji Sung but couldn’t reach him.”

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got to know each other after filming the drama, “Save the Last Dance for Me” in 2004. But they only got into a relationship starting from October 2007. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are now quite free after ending their filming commitments respectively.

As always, a big congratulations to the new celebrity couple!

71 thoughts on “Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young romance in the open

  1. i don’t see anything in the car. i guess i don’t have superpowers.

    eh, i wanted jisung with eugene. i like eugene. hmmm. maybe eugene can claim jae hee, my other favorite. they can get close in their new drama. LOL.

  2. I like eugene to be with ji sung…
    but if he is with lee bo young, it’s just ok..heheh
    they look good together…

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My lover Ji Sung is with HEEEER? nooo. I wanted him to be with Eugene. They’re Sooo cute together.

  4. right ammy! nobody in the car. they can be in hotel. haha
    i don’t agree michellee and rain. lee bo young is more beautiful than eugene kim. engene act leading role in the drama (save the last dance) but young is more pretty. ji sung choice is right.

  5. ,,hUh???,,ji sung and lee boo young were dating??!!!!..they don’t look good with each other…,,i want ji sung to be with eugene kim, they look more compatible with weach other…..

  6. I am hurt deeply reading Ji-sung’s relationship with Lee BO Young. May be i shouldn’t feel like that. But i don;t know why my heart hurts. He is an actor and my life is far away from him. May be i should try to control myself. I have no idea can this be called LOVE…. I wanna stay at a place where i can watch him laughing….i will be satisfied just for this chance…..

  7. it’s up to them to fall in love each other,we cannot control their heart,i like ji sung with lee bo young,hey look good together.

  8. How can you determine when love arrives? Deeply moved by your work in Last Dance. Wondered if you have the same expressions written on your face when you’re with bo young?

  9. f0r me, i want eugene kim for ji sung coz they look compatible with each other..
    im saying the truth..eugene kim and ji sung is nice couple
    and i dont lee bo young to be her gf ji sung ok.
    and that’z all thank you..

  10. i love both lee bo young and eugene..
    eugene can be with other guy.
    let ji sung be with lee bo young 🙂

  11. Whoa, what?! I would be better if he was dating Eugene D:< Ji-sung is one of the only ones I will approve for Eugene XP hahahah

  12. love Ji Sung with eugene forever and ever, i’ve watched it for many times, still touches my heart….cried many times =(


  14. ya i agree he should be with eugene only!They look good together!i missed their loveteam!!!I hope they will be together forever.

  15. Best partner for Eugene is her leading man in Creating Destiny – Ki Tae Young (KTY). Hope they are dating for real as they admitted to being very close off cam. She has never been so animated with her leading man (after park yong ha) as she is with KTY – and they just met each other on the set of Creating Destiny.

  16. I really like ji sung for eugene but wat 2 do he’s dating w/lee boo young,huhuhu,are they gf/bf already or just dating!!??hope eugene nd ji sung will b together again in drama series they are so cute and lovely couple,save d last dance 4 me is my fvr8 drama and i cant get over them,we love ji sung and eugene!!jajajajaja!!!

  17. In my opinion, Eugene Kim and Ji Sung are perfect match!!!!! so i hope they would go together in the future like they did inside the drama “Save The Last Dance for Me” On the other hand, Lee Bo Young is good, too

  18. Hi lee bo young.I love your smile and i wanna see you in my country.Please come and relax.I really like you.I want to say I love you but i m not single.So i says my prayer.I want to see you.Good luck and take care your health.So you can go Holly wood and you take Greatness your life.Bye
    I always waiting you

  19. what a waste, to see them together
    he is more matching with eugene kim they really look great as a couple and futher more they have a same interest, photographing.
    feel kind of sad….
    cant wait and to see more of them togerther in a new drama
    directors and script writer shud take note to produce more of this kind of drama save the last dance, cause it really leaves a memorable impression in our heart.
    hope to hear good news

  20. Hi,

    I really like Ji Sung and Kim Eugene, they make a perfect match. They’re acting in Save the Last Dance was so real despite the fact that Ji Sung was already falling for Lee Boo Young. I hope we see them again in another project as touching as Save the Last Dance.

  21. Hope to see Ji Sung and Eugene together in another project.

    We miss them so much.

    We’ve watched “Save The Last Dance” repeatedly but we still feel every scene in it. Please, please, please. Prepare a project for them.

  22. i hope you know this ,he already dating with park son mi, am i correct so you dont have to this ! .

  23. to all the fans of eugene and ji sung ur right..eugene is better to be with ji sung rather than lee bo young…they are a lovely couple in save the last dance, so i think they are a lovely couple to be in real life as well….personally i admit that lee bo young is much better to eugene in terms of physical appearances, but eugene’s simplicity is more powerful for her to be more beautiful and attractive than lee bo young..so don’t loose hope we never can tell what will happen in the future…let’s pray that they will be together in real life..hehehe..

  24. Hmp ur not to be wit lee u must be wit eugene, eugene is perfct 4 u, hope smday u will b tgether an anther prjct and in real lyf also… Gogogo! Mga JiEu fanaticz, i luv u so mch as well as ji sung, akin knlng sna, hehehe…but im 16 plng and u hmp., s drem nlng kta mmahalin hehehe….

  25. Ji sung and eugene are such perfect match i hope there will be a new movie for them and will be aired in the philippines too because i love them so much ,i won’t forget their drama save the last dance for me in 2004, i was still grade 2 that time and now i’m 2nd yr. highschool!!!!!oh my that was really a brilliant drama ever it is my favorite! i really hope that they would be couples in real life! love you always ji sung and eugene!mwahhhhhhhhh

  26. Ji Sung should be with Park Sol Mi! They were soooo cute! I seriously thought they were going to get married =(

    He should get with Sung Yuri! They are super adorable in “Swallow the Sun!!”

  27. I don’t have anything against Lee Bo Young personally but the more I look at her and Ji Sung together, the more I am convinced that they aren’t meant to be. Once the passion subsides, Ji Sung will find that he and Bo Young have really nothing in common.
    I also see a noticeable difference in their physical appearance – Ji Sung is baby-faced while Bo Young with her large face is mature-looking. Not that it should matter, but let’s face it, we want to see a compatible couple that’s easy on the eyes as well.
    Geez, it’s really none of my business what these celebrities do with their lives but I can’t help stick my nose in when fate keeps missing its target.
    Now, Ji Sung and Eugene seem to be a good match. It’s unfortunate that these two don’t realize it yet. Well, Ji Sung and Eugene may be a match made in heaven but let’s leave it for them to realize that … and soon I hope.

  28. ji sung and eugene,may be a good match in our eyes but the probz is they dont like each other,and we cant force them to like each other,and maybe also lee bo young is beautiful than eugene,in eyes of ji sung,,

  29. I think Lee Bo Young and Jo Hyun Jae would a very good couple. They look so sweet in the drama of Seo Dong Yo.

  30. tha korean drama “Save the Last Dance for Me” is still my favorite K drama ever !!i was grade 4 at that time when it was shown at ABS-CBN at 11 pm and now im in my 1st year as college ..i bought a cd of it when i was in 1st yr hiskul and until now ,i kept on watching it ..still, the kilig factor that i felt when i first watch it, is still the same until now ..it still make me cry and make me laugh ..maybe bcoz their lovstory is very touching and unique .. they are the best lovetem for me ,,and JI SUNG is more suited with EUGENE KIM ..they have a chemistry that cant be found when he’s with lee bo young ..

  31. I think it’s strange when people feel they have the right to say they don’t want one person with another person. These two people met and fell in love. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Period. The End. I don’t think it’s for anyone to say if they should be together except for the two of them. They will date and they will decide.

    Acting in a movie or drama and pretending/playing love…even having great chemistry on screen doesn’t mean you are going to fall in love off screen. In fact more often then not, it’s only acting. At most an attraction and/or a brief affair.

    Ji sung….You go boy! And Lee Bo Young…You go girl. Good luck. In this day and age…just keeping a relationship going has to be tough.

  32. While watching “Save your last dance for me” ; i do feel pity to Lee ‘s .Yes Eugene n Ji Sung looks good n romantic in the drama n we can feel their love towards each other , but if in real life Ji Sung be with Lee , what’s the problem?.I ‘m happy for them.And my darling Eugene already found her real life Mr Right – Ki Tae Young .Hope their marriage lasted forever and bless with happiness together:)

  33. for me, i want eugene and ji sung because they are compatible from each other then i want another movie for sandy and adrian pls. pls. pls. try to have another movie with ji sung and kim eugene. i hope my request will grant.

  34. as I watched the Korean Drama, “Save the Last Dance for Me” again this year, back in the year 2005 when I first saw it, I was touched by it’s beautiful story once again. How I wish that Eugene Kim and Ji Sung like in the drama, were also meant to be in real life. 🙂

  35. Hahahha…you guys funny..now Ji sung looks like small to lee bo young..thanks to my daughter seo young..yes I am sad why she choose Ji sung..huhuhuhuwaaaaaa…..

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