Gillian leaves message for fans; Ella Koon denies involvement

Since the nude photo scandal, Gillian Chung has not spoken much about that other than the ill-conceived message she gave at the press conference earlier this month. Yesterday morning at 4.41am, she left a message at one of Twin’s fan forum, as she spoke about how difficult this whole thing has been for her, showing that her strong image on the outside is not as it seems.

A picture of Ella Koon resting her head on a pillow surfaced yesterday and rumors abound that she might be involved in the scandal. But she has immediately refuted that by saying she was not in a relationship with Edison but she is acquainted with him merely as a contact. That picture was taken in a bus with her resting her head on the head rest and we were thinking too much.

On the other hand, Edison was questioned again for 5 hours yesterday and will leave Hong Kong once investigations draws to a close. It’s noted that he is feeling more relaxed and has a better appetite since his press conference.

On a happier note, Edison is primed for a meatier role in the new Batman Part 3. The director was happy with his cameo role in Batman Part 2: The Dark Knight and praised him for his acting skills.

14 thoughts on “Gillian leaves message for fans; Ella Koon denies involvement

  1. It obviously that isn’t Gillian. Who in the right frame of mind will send the message with Erotic , flirting fucking face that resemblance herself in bed with Edison ?

    And it obviously Ella’s picture show nothings indecent. Otherwise , Why is she still wearing the big ring on her ears ? Did she want to squeeze Edison’s sausage with that ? And she obviously put a lot of make-up. Who will want to perform fellatio with a bitch who face will smear and contaminate young brother with cosmetics ?

  2. hope everyone boycotts the batman 2 and 3 movie…and everyone downloads the flick instead so the movie company lose a ass load of money…that’ll teach the director a lesson for hiring an ass like edison…

    shit, also that goes to show that western culture is in support of trashy people like edison…while asian society is now trying to teach edison a lesson by outcasting him and his actions…., again, USA stiks their friggin meddling finger in the pie by hiring this reject so that now, losers like edison can do shit and still get away with it.

  3. I told you guys not to judge. Edison is the man!! I sucked Edc juicy dick. I’m a dirty whore with a dirty mouth cause edc cum is in my mouth. I am aggressive and assertive my ass is tight. Yes, I’m a loser. What!! My name is Carol from the west.

  4. It’s doubtful people would boycot The Dark Knight because Edison Chen is in it.

    Fans will flock to theatres to see one of the last movies starring Heath Ledger.

  5. Hmmm. how are we sure that’s Gillian that posted the message in the forum?
    People are too suspicious these days just b/c a photo of Ella had her head rested on a pillow they assume otherwise.

    And yes it’s true people ARE going to watch Batman 3 b/c it is Heath Ledger last movie… RIP Heath Ledger. [Also we here in America don’t really care for Edison sexual life]
    Still don’t get why people are making such a big deal out of this… it’s not like just b/c he’s a star he can’t have sex.

  6. ppl in asia dont dig him coz he’s a cocky bastard, not simply becoz he’s exposed in his little sexual conquests…the SOB had a real attitude problem since highschool in vancouver…now that he’s down on his luck, he’s suddenly a saint doing charity work…guess that’s karma working its way…

  7. I kinda care about his sex life….. Wish it was a gay sex scandal though, I would have enjoyed those pictures more…. 🙂

  8. Travis your gay! The only stuff me and you have in common is we both like to suck dick. hahaha. Edc only do girls. I can’t wait for edc to come to hollywood. I’m saving my virgin anus for him., huh..what are you talking about!!

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