Edison come to blows with Nicholas?; Jolin & Elva denies involvement; Bobo is pregnant?

“Kira” dead? Disappeared with the money? Caught by police? Whatever it is, stars implicated in the scandal can’t seem to distance themselves from this.

Edison Chen had been staying in Four Seasons Hotel last Friday to escape the media onslaught on his home. But a twist of coincidence saw Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung also checking into the same hotel that same day, it’s believed that when they bumped into each other, both men nearly came to blows with Cecilia crying and trying to separate them. Nicholas was softened by her tears but still faced off against Edison for about 3 minutes. He finally relented and backed off, probably mindful of the costly bodyguards that Edison had hired. Nicholas and Cecilia checked out of the hotel immediately and headed back to their own home. Conflicting reports on whether they still are together.

Bobo Chan whose wedding plans was scuppered by this unfortunate scandal is reportedly three months pregnant which might explain why she was about to get married. But with her wedding now officially off because of objections from her mother-in-law, netizens are up in arms and feeling unjust for her.

Jolin Tsai whose name has been tainted by this scandal has asked for the Hong Kong police to release the list of female starlets implicated in this. According to sources, the list of unidentified women photos which was newly discovered in Edison’s home last week belonged to a Taiwanese star, Hong Kong star and a model. Elva Hsiao is also implicated in this because of past links with Edison.

 Jolin hopes that the police will reveal names so that her reputation is not tarnished by this. But the police themselves are at their wits end because despite pleas to Cecilia Cheung, Candice Chen and other female stars linked to this scandal to help with investigations, none of them have been willing to step forward to co-operate. With no one stepping forward, the Hong Kong police has no choice but to keep their silence over this matter.

The Hong Kong police have also refused to rule out the possibility that Edison Chen could turn from being a victim in this scandal and be charged in court instead for photographing Vincy who could be underaged when she was photographed and being in possession of “racy” photos and videos.

7 thoughts on “Edison come to blows with Nicholas?; Jolin & Elva denies involvement; Bobo is pregnant?

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  2. feel sad for bobo…and hope that asshole edison gets charged and gets his hand chopped off. serves him right. let there be justice.



    Someone MUST punch the guy … he deserves it sooooooooo bad!!!!

  4. you guys are fucking retarded ..how old are you guys? can you be alittle mature and open minded? this is their privacy, you have no right to say ..shame on you edison or get his hand chopped off… he did not harm anyone .. the girls involved were not forced or anything .. god, you people are so retarded

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