L: Change the World Review

Caught this movie at the cinemas and it was quite an enjoyable flick to watch.

Originally planned as a prequel spinoff, it has however become a sequel instead, reflecting on L’s final 23 days of existence on Earth. We get some closure on what happened after L checkmate Yagami Light (Kira) at the end of Death Note: The Last Name. Watari, Amane Misa and Ryuk makes cameo appearances but no sight of “Kira” or the police which was disappointing.

It then moves on where we see a Thai village getting decimated by a deadly virus and proceeding to learning about a group’s evil plot to use the combination of the flu and Ebola virus so that they can eliminate the majority of the human race, ridding the planet of useless people while also preserving the environment. Ok, now this sounds a bit familiar and predictable.

If you are expecting to see a battle of wits here like in Death Note, well you will be disappointed. But on it’s own as an action film, it stands on its own as Kenichi Matsuyama potrayal of L is given more character development as we learn more about his liking for sweets, etc. The film really comes to life whenever he appears on screen, whether it’s babysitting the two children which was hilarious, or trying to walk without bending his back, etc. But all in all, it’s a pretty simple plot where everything just falls in place without L really needing to do anything much. I think it will do well at the box office though.

Fan of L would definitely love this film while for “Kira” fans expecting wittier, dark brain battles would be left slightly disappointed.

3 thoughts on “L: Change the World Review

  1. the movie is awesome… Long but for the ones that liked death note (and specially L)… It is definitely a must!

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