Sung Si Kyung & Psy – Champion @Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter 060519

Totally forgot about this until I browsed to it on Youtube. Loved this song very much when SG Wannabe, F.T. Island and SeeYa sang “Champion” at the SBS Gayo Daejun 2007. It was actually a song by PSY who has lots of off-screen issues but this song totally rocks. And in this video, Sung Shi Kyung sings the first part and boy was I surprised that he has a rock side to him!

Sung Shi Kyung & PSY – Champion
Sung Shi Kyung was a real surprise with his strong singing while PSY was infectious and working the audience! The audience was red-hot throughout and were singing/dancing along to it. I would break a leg to be in the audience!

SG Wannabe, F.T. Island, SeeYa – Champion
Starts at 5:06 and it’s a slow version of the song which takes the wow factor away from the original song. But it still rocks and it got me hooked on the song!

Fantastic song to work up the crowd! Another K-pop classic definitely for me!

4 thoughts on “Sung Si Kyung & Psy – Champion @Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter 060519

  1. i remember the sbs performance…didn’t think much of it the first time i saw it..but thanks for bringing it up again…the tune of the song sounds SO familiar! it feels like i’ve heard it somewhere else before. very catchy.

  2. Woah! What an electrifying performance. I never knew Sung Shi Kyung had it in him to sing like that. Used to his ballads I guess. Thanks for sharing this clip!

    This song reminds me of Beverly Hills Cop and Eddie Murphy 🙂

  3. no more about it, but im from ethiopia,mekelle
    i beleive in cajoling some one if you are able to
    accepte any others,
    thanks to all of you
    eskendr o7 mekelle

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